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About Us

The PAYAway editors and others in Bolivia


PAYAway is an inter-related group of travel websites and blogs intent on encouraging people to travel for longer. Through our sites we provide suggestions for taking a gap year or career break, travelling around the world on a RTW ticket and information and job vacancies for finding temporary and seasonal work abroad.

For employers and businesses we offer both premium and free options to fill job vacancies and find volunteers and participants in gap year programmes.

PAYAway is Deirdre Higgins, a veteran of the working week in France, Belgium, Peru, Britain and Ireland, and Shane Donovan who has successfully evaded a real job since leaving school. We have taken a number of extended trips ourselves, including travelling the world for a year, and have lived in Peru, Greece, Thailand and, since 2007, in Turkey. We work on our websites as we travel and have helped people find paid and volunteer jobs In Australia, France and China while we have been in, among other places, Bolivia, Lebanon or Malaysia.

Though we make our living and fund our own travels through our sites, to call us a commerical organisation would be a bit of a stretch. We are simply two backpackers that like to share the stuff we find when researching our own trips.

We are not an employment agency, find it flattering that some people think we have offices in London, Paris and New York and we don't have any brochures.

Our websites and blogs include:


Overseas Job Centre

Our oldest site, the Overseas Job Centre has been around since 1999. Here we are attempting to build a comprehensive guide to finding paid jobs, gap years and volunteer work around the world. We cover tourism, catering and hospitality jobs, working in a ski resort, au pairing, working in a Kibbutz or American summer camp, teaching English as a foreign language, farm work and fruit picking and the occasional office position. This is also where we feature a selection of organisations in our UnAgency that can help you to arrange work abroad now.



The Working Traveller

Our magazine The Working Traveller has been in existence in one form or another since 1992. Then it was a quarterly photocopied black and white A5 publication produced with recycled ink from a college photocopier. Now The Working Traveller serves as a blog for our other sites.

But where the Overseas Job Centre covers working abroad in a more in-depth manner and is usually updated in bulk (often up to 50 pages at a time), the blog format allows us to post more easily and often, particularly when we are on the move, and to maintain a dialogue with you through your comments or via Twitter.

The Working Traveller’s focus is on travel and how to finance a trip or stay away for longer by working overseas; combining first hand posts and photos from our own travels with researched articles on working abroad and volunteering. We include some travel blogging and social media stuff too as we consider this a part of modern travelling and can be a way to work abroad.



Jobs Abroad Bulletin

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB) is a bulletin board full of job vacancies posted by employers looking for staff. We allow employers to post vacancies to us for free so JAB can contain as many jobs as possible. We sent the first issue of JAB out into the world as a monthly email bulletin in April 2000, reaching 70,000 readers and 100 issues before we changed to placing the job vacancies in our current blog format in 2010. Over the years we have helped our readers to finance their travels by working as powerboat crew in Greece, bar staff in the Czech Republic, chefs in Austria, camp counsellors in Russia, English teachers in Japan, au pairs in Dubai, holiday reps in Turkey, waiters in Cyprus, chalet girls in Switzerland, dancers in Jordan, nannies in New Zealand, tour leaders in Southeast Asia, hotel entertainers in Egpyt, nurses in Bahrain, call centre staff in Ireland, researchers in Cambodia, snackbar attendants in Portugal, hot-air balloon ground crew in France, classroom assistants in Chile, eco trail leaders in Costa Rica, hostel workers in Panama, ski instructors in Italy, kichen workers in the USA, tent erectors in Germany, training managers in Oman, and caretakers in Uganda. Where paid work isn’t possible we have plenty of volunteer and work exchange positions too.



Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

Starting with a small number of countries and projects we intend to grow this site into a resource for grassroots NGOs and volunteer projects to find a helping hand and for travellers to locate inexpensive options to offer their skills and muscle without suffering a financial penalty for doing so.



Taking a Gap Year

Taking a Gap Year is our quarterly mini mag. No matter if you are 18 or 80, every three months we will present some ideas for your year out - regardless of how long that may be.



PAYAway in the Media

"Having difficulty finding a temporary job abroad or funding a gap year trip? This site has a wide range of links to organisations that can help as well as many resources of its own. 'Tramp News' has information and features for budget travellers and 'The Jobs Abroad Bulletin', produced as a monthly email, includes vacancies around the world for voluntary work, conservation projects, TEFL and work in ski resorts." The BBC Webguide - Best of the Web

"Other paid options include working as a ski or snowboard guide in the Alps, a windsurfing instructor in the Mediterranean, working on cruise ships or even as a house or pet sitter. Check out" Observer, October 15, 2017

"If you choose to go it alone, websites such as Season Workers or Jobs Abroad Bulletin list opportunities for all ages." Wanderlust, May 2014

"Provides a list of 100 cheap volunteer work opportunities within teaching, tourism, catering, hospitality, childcare and agriculture and more." Gap Year 100 company directory of the best gap year travel companies and websites. Daily Telegraph, August 16, 2012

"Provides a handy online list of language schools and volunteer groups looking for recruits for its Southeast Asian programs.“ Southeast Asia on a Shoestring (Lonely Planet)

"...the Jobs Abroad Bulletin is your go-to site.“ The Huffington Post, February 8th, 2012

"A wide range of casual positions across the globe and some good advice." Work Experience, Placements and Internships

"...the British Jobs Abroad Bulletin is your go-to site." Off Track Planet's Travel Guide for the Young, Sexy, and Broke

"This site lists around 100 cheap (sometimes free) volunteer work opportunities around the world from tourism and catering to teaching or working with animals. It gives advice on planning your gap year as well as a useful list of websites for reference and further information." Personal Development and Work Experience Guide

"See… for vacancies in destinations from Brazil to Bulgaria.” The Guardian, August 21, 2010

"Anyone looking for adventure should head for We found all sorts of jobs, from chef to handyman, up for grabs..." Daily Mirror, July 22, 2010

“You’ll find listings of seasonal and gap-year jobs on websites including” The Guardian, September 19, 2009

"There are always jobs listed on…” The Guardian, August 16, 2009

"Advice and vacancies for working abroad" Daily Telegraph, August 14, 2008

"...for information on earning on the road, and links to companies that will help you do it." The Times, September 17, 2006

"Hundreds of global job vacancies, advice and articles." Daily Telegraph, August 19, 2006

"Directory of winter work, ski holiday operators and jobs in ski resorts" The Independent. January 28, 2006

"This site is aimed at working travellers and tells you how to get temporary employment abroad. Each of the job-finding guides - which are split up into categories such as catering, ski jobs and teaching English - offer basic advice and links to other sites should you want to find out more." The Times, November 17, 2005

"Hundreds of global job vacancies" Daily Telegraph, August 13, 2005

"A great starting place for anyone who wants to work abroad. They've missed nothing out in their links section." The Good Website Guide 2005

"One of the biggest and best established working travel websites on the internet. There's no apply online system or job search facility to speak of, but lots of links to organisations that can help with finding paid and voluntary jobs overseas. The articles and first hand accounts are second to none both in volume and quality. Highly recommended for people new to working abroad or just like reading interesting stuff from around the world"

"A good one-stop-shop for anyone looking to pay their way through a holiday can be found at It contains links to organisations looking for volunteers as well as tips and advice for the thrifty traveller." The Guardian (Education section), February 16, 2004

"An excellent website with jobs and info for gappers - you can sign up for a regular email jobs bulletin." The Gap Year Book (Lonely Planet)

"An excellent UK website with jobs advice, an email newsletter and jobs bulletin board." The Big Trip (Lonely Planet)

"Designed for Brits on their “gap year,” this site works just as well for traveling Yanks who’d like odd jobs as they work their way around the world. A bumper crop of opportunities." Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel - "Behold: The 124 best money-saving web sites for travel

“A host of websites promise to provide free on-line recruitment services for travellers. These include the excellent non-commercial free Jobs Abroad Bulletin….” Work Your Way Around the World

“Provides a handy online list of language schools and volunteer groups looking for recruits for its Southeast Asian programs.” Lonely Planet Southeast Asia on a Shoestring

"Great website with information on every country including red tape, embassies and a list of addresses and useful organisations to find work." The Virgin Guide to Working Abroad

“The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is a useful one-man and one-woman site which dispenses with pretty graphics to deliver actual job vacancy details every month.” Taking a Gap Year

“Working holidays and jobs abroad for young people.” The Gap Year Book

"Friendly, non-industry travel web site packed with links..." The Cheeky Guide to Student Life

"PAYAway is a website for the working traveller including lists of jobs, a country index and links to working holiday schemes" London Evening Standard (Just the Job section), September 3, 2001

"Incredible site." Suite101 awarded PAYAway with 5 stars and a place in the top 5 Youth Travel sites

"Good tips and leads for all travelers.. an eyeful of opportunities" Arthur Frommer's Daily Newsletter

"Devoted to working holidays and jobs abroad" The Daily Telegraph's Planet (Word of mouse column), June 2000

"Non-commercial website dedicated to international short term work. It has a free email newsletter with specific vacancies around the world" Taking a Career Break (Vacation Work)

"Extensive information on working holidays and jobs abroad for gap year students and the not-yet-seriously-employed (who appear to include the site's authors)" The Good Schools Guide

"Supplies a wide range of job suggestions around the world and tells you where to look and who to approach to do something about it" UK Plus

"Young, opinionated rag offers an alternative view on gap year organizations" Daily Telegraph

"Gap Years: Need a job abroad? Subscribe to PAYAway" The Guardian

"Students looking for summer jobs should scan the latest Jobs Abroad Bulletin" Mail on Sunday

"Advice and articles on getting a job abroad, tips for budget travel... pages of job vacancies" Sunday Times

"The Working Traveller could be your most useful companion" New Woman

"An essential publication" Living

We've also seen mentions in The Huffington Post, The Gap-Year Guidebook, the Vacation Work Guidebooks Summer Jobs Abroad, Working in Tourism, and Gap Years for Grown Ups, Lonely Planet's The Career Break Book, How To Books Planning Your Gap Year and Taking a Year Out, in the magazines Elle and It's on the Web, on the Matador Network, and on the websites of Rough Guides, BBC Radio 1 and the BBC 'Grown up Gappers' programme.