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Add Your Website to the Overseas Job Centre Directory

We are always bookmarking and scribbling on scraps of paper the addresses of websites we believe will be helpful in finding our readers an adventure abroad. Every year or so we update the Overseas Job Centre Directory and add our findings there.

Employers that can offer work abroad to our readers, gap year organisations and NGOs offering volunteer work are welcome to submit their details for consideration via the form below.

Website editors, travel blogs and organisations with travel content or other information and services useful to backpackers, students and working travellers are also welcome to submit their sites but we request that you provide a link back to us:

Title: PAYAway
Our URL:
Suggested description: Information for finding paid and voluntary jobs abroad covering tourism and ski jobs, gap years, teaching English and much more. Current vacancies abroad can be found in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

Please note that we will use the name of your organisation as the title of the link. We do not accept anchor text as a title. Websites with excessively long, badly maintained or spammy links pages will not be linked back to. Websites considered off-topic or unsuitable for our readership will not be linked to.

Before you submit your website it would be appreciated if you could please perform a search to check if you have already been added.