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Advertising Options

With several websites and blogs we can offer a lot of different options to advertisers. Advertising can be puchased separately, as part of a DClick package, or even traded for things we like and need for our own travels. Whatever your needs in attracting overseas workers, gap year students, career breakers, seasonal staff, backpackers, around the world travellers, or any other aspect of our readership, we will be happy to advise on the best options for your needs.

Index Page Side Banners

This graphic advertising is purchased only for the index pages of each of our sites but actually appears on most pages, depending on their positioning and the length of each page. As the lower placed Side Banners may not appear on some of our shorter pages we prefer to keep this advertising for our DClick advertisers, arranging things so everyone gets a fair shake, but they can be purchased separately under certain circumstances. On the Jobs Abroad Bulletin and The Working Traveller (with the exception of some admin and featured pages) Side Banners are displayed on all pages. For graphic advertising on a specific page we suggest Large Inpage Graphics (see below for more details). 

Sites available: PAYAway (370 x 250px), Overseas Job Centre (370 x 250px, not including index), Jobs Abroad Bulletin (250 x 250px and 250 x 125px), The Working Traveller (250 x 250px and 250 x 125px), Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad (370 x 250px).

Examples: Please see the right hand column of PAYAway for examples.

Top Banner

Appearing on most pages, including index pages and main category pages. this graphic advert is displayed above our main navigation. Only one slot is available on each site with this type of advertising. 

Sites available: PAYAway, Overseas Job Centre, Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad (all 728 x 90px).

Examples: Above our main navigation on each page. Please see Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad for an example.

Slider Advertisement

This large graphic is displayed on the home page of most of our sites. We tend to use this rotating space to promote our own features and cross link between our sites but it can be used to put your brand in front of our readers too. The Sliders on each site are a little different so we will be happy to advise on how to get the best out of this space.

Sites available: PAYAway (770 x 436px), Overseas Job Centre (770 x 436px), Jobs Abroad Bulletin (970 x 484px), The Working Traveller (1000 x 600px), Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad (770 x 436px).

Examples: Both the home pages of PAYAway and the Jobs Abroad Bulletin are good places to view our Slider Advertisements.

Large Inpage Graphics

A good advertisement can almost be part of the content and as we also use these same spaces for images to illustrate our features your advertisement adds a much needed splash of colour to our pages while at the same time alerting our readers to useful services related to that page's content. For these adverts we do suggest a call to action so our readers are quickly aware your advert is not just part of the content.

Sites available: PAYAway, Overseas Job Centre, Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad (all 770 x 436px).

Examples: Visit here to see how they look within one of our pages.

One Line Text Advert

Many of our pages have a space to insert a short message of interest to our readers. On our internal pages your message is placed just underneath the page title. Slots are also available on home pages.

Sites available: PAYAway, Overseas Job Centre, Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad.

Examples: See below or visit here to see how they look within one of our internal pages.

Colour Text Box

Want to get more descriptive? Our colour text boxes allow a longer message to be conveyed to our readership.

Sites available: Overseas Job Centre and Free or Cheap Volunteer Work Abroad

Examples: See below or visit here or here to see how they look within our internal pages.

Top Site Link

We are always happy to point a link from our directory to a geat job or useful service for our readers. For jobs we ask for nothing in return but we do expect a link back from other sites. Either way, each page has up to three Top Site Links to ensure more prominence for your message.

Sites available: Only available in directory pages of the Overseas Job Centre. Our directory is sorted both by subect and region or country.

Examples: Our Teaching English as a Foreign Language directory page provides a good example for this type of placement.

Featured Jobs

Available to employers who use our free recruitment advertising but do not want to see their advert slide down our boards. Featured Jobs remain on the home page of the Jobs Abroad Bulletin for the duration of your advertising period and are a direct way for our readers to visit your advert from every one (aside from some admin pages and other Featured Jobs) of the thousands of pages that make up our recruitment service. When we add new vacancies Featured Jobs are placed highest onto our boards, gain significantly more actions from our readers, and are guaranteed inclusion in our newsletter sent to over 4,500 subscribers. As the Jobs Abroad Bulletin is made up of nothing but recruitment advertising our readers see these advertisements as an incredibly useful service as opposed to something to be blocked or ignored.

Sites available: Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

Examples: Featured Jobs are placed at the top main column of the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, are pinned to the side bar of every category and post to ensure they remain visable when we add new vacancies, and also have their own category. Featured Jobs are featured prominently on JAB's front page.

Sponsored Text Link

We place a short message, up to 20 words, under each free job post displayed in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Sponsored Text Links are usually purchased in groups of 10, 20, 50 or 100.

Sites available: Jobs Abroad Bulletin.

Examples: Look under any free advertisement we post to JAB and you will find where we would place your Sponsored Text Link.

OJC Featured Job or Course

Each of the main pages of our Work Abroad Guide have a space for a small amount of highlighted jobs or programmes relevant to each subject. These slots, placed above the main content of each category page (with country pages coming soon), are especially suitable for large employers, year round recruiters, placement agencies or other organisations that wish a long term presence on the sections of our sites most relevant to them.

Sites available: Overseas Job Centre.

Examples: Please see the Featured TEFL Jobs and Featured TEFL Courses headings on our TEFL guide page for examples.

Column Sponsorship

We place a short message, up to 20 words, at the bottom of posts in The Working Traveller.

Sites available: The Working Traveller.

Examples: Our Workers of the World Weekly (once a week), DN/LI/TB (once a week) and JobSpy (five times a week) columns are available for sponsorship).

Sponsored Post / Advertorial

Well written, informative articles by experts in their field are always welcomed on our blog. Alternatively, we can write about your service or product. Please note we always declare to our readers when we have been paid to publish a post. More information can be found at

Sites available: The Working Traveller. A limited number of Sponsored Posts may also be available on other sites.

Examples: Soft Adventure in Northern Thailand: Lisu Lodge is an example of a post we wrote for an advertiser, while 10 Apps You Need When Working Abroad is a provided piece.

Social Media Shares

We often share the useful things we find via our social media channels. We have yet to sell a share or a tweet, prefering instead to use this as an added extra for the advertisers using the options given above, but if you think our following would follow you too then we would be happy to discuss promotions for your company via our social media feeds.

Where available: Through our Twitter and Facebook channels.

Overseas Job Centre Listing

We put a picture and some compelling words on our site. Our readers see it, like it, and drop by yours to find out more. This is our simplest form of advertising and we can have you on the Overseas Job Centre straight away. We recommend that you provide us with a larger copy of your photo though, just in case we really like what you are offering our readers and we decide to upgrade your advert at no extra charge.

Sites available: The Overseas Job Centre.

Examples: Lisitings of varied sizes can be viewed here.

Taking a Gap Year

Taking a Gap Year is a mostly (but not quite) one page per issue mini site. The advertising here ranges from bold full page width photos to text adverts on a coloured background to match your branding.

Sites available: Taking a Gap Year.

Examples: Please visit the website above.

Most of the advertising options above are purchased through our DClick programme, but please feel free to get in touch with us if you have an idea of your own that you wish to put to us.


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