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PAYAway can offer targeted advertising across several websites to those interested in getting their message across to overseas workers, gap year students, career breakers, backpackers, round the world travellers, English language teachers or to any other aspect of our readership.

Why Advertise with PAYAway?

Our sites are ranked highly, frequently making the first page under many search terms, such as: "jobs abroad" (3rd - at the time of writing), "seasonal jobs abroad" (3rd), "tourism jobs abroad" (2nd & 3rd), "ski jobs abroad" (7th & 9th), "resort jobs abroad" (8th), "gap year jobs abroad" (3rd & 10th), "gap year work abroad" (4th), "cheap volunteer work abroad" (5th & 10th), "seasonal work abroad" (3rd), "working holidays abroad" (5th), "career breaks abroad" (7th), "catering jobs abroad" (4th & 7th) and "volunteer jobs abroad" (10th).

We have been considered by the BBC as amongst the best of the web and are regularly featured in the British national press and in numerous travel guide books.

"A good one-stop-shop for anyone looking to pay their way through a holiday can be found at It contains links to organisations looking for volunteers as well as tips and advice for the thrifty traveller." The Guardian

Our Readership

We attract predominantly female readers from the UK, USA, Europe and many other countries, aged 18 to 35, college or university educated and looking to find paid or volunteer jobs abroad, seasonal work and gap year opportunities. Our readers either are or hope to travel extensively.

Our Advertising Options

DClick Advertising

We call DClick our Adsense with a twist. DClick is a combination of cost per click (CPC) and display advertising. DClick can put all our sites at your disposal through a mixture of text and graphic advertising options to do whatever it takes to get you your purchased number of clicks.

Should you not get enough clickthroughs to your preferred landing page(s) then we will turn your CPC advertising into display advertising and keep your adverts on our sites as long as it takes to do so. Alternatively, if you reach your purchased number of clicks before your advertising duration expires then the rest of the year is free.

For more information and to order please visit our DClick advertising page.

Other Advertising Options

Most of our other advertising opportunities are focused around our Jobs Abroad Bulletin. For more information please visit JAB's own dedicated advertising pages or simply post a vacancy to us and upgrade your advertising to our featured options of one or 12 months. A downloadable file with more information and quick links to posting your vacancies can be found here.

Many more advertising options are available across all our sites. Please investigate these examples for more information. Advertorials can also be arranged in The Working Traveller. For more information on this or any other aspect of advertising with us, please contact Deirdre Higgins at