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Reach thousands of resourceful young people looking for a new challenge

For over 20 years we have been helping people to fulfil their travel dreams. PAYAway can offer targeted advertising across several websites to the up to 125,000 visitors a month to our sites. We are your ideal brand ambassador to get your message across to overseas workers, gap year students, career breakers, round the world travellers, expats, English language teachers, or to any other aspect of our readership spread across six separate but interlinked websites.

We attract predominantly female readers from the UK, USA, Europe and many other countries, aged 18 to 35, college or university educated and looking to find paid or volunteer jobs abroad, seasonal work and gap year opportunities. Our readers either do or hope to travel extensively.

Our sites are ranked highly, frequently making the first page under many Google search termsWe have been considered by the BBC as amongst the best of the web and are regularly featured in the British national press and in numerous travel guide books:

"Having difficulty finding a temporary job abroad or funding a gap year trip? This site has a wide range of links to organisations that can help as well as many resources of its own. '...'The Jobs Abroad Bulletin' includes vacancies around the world for voluntary work, conservation projects, TEFL and work in ski resorts."

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We provide varied advertising options:

DClick CPC Advertising

We call DClick our Adsense with a twist. DClick is a combination of cost per click (CPC) and display advertising. DClick can put all our sites at your disposal through a mixture of text and graphic advertising options to do whatever it takes to get you your purchased number of clicks.  

"A good one-stop-shop for anyone looking to pay their way through a holiday can be found at It contains links to organisations looking for volunteers as well as tips and advice for the thrifty traveller." The Guardian

Get Listed in the Overseas Job Centre

We put a picture and some compelling words on our site. Our readers see it, like it, and drop by yours to find out more. This is our simplest form of advertising and we can have you on the Overseas Job Centre straight away. We recommend that you provide us with a larger copy of your photo though, just in case we really like what you are offering our readers and we decide to upgrade your advert at no extra charge.

"Anyone looking for adventure should head for We found all sorts of jobs, from chef to handyman, up for grabs..." Daily Mirror

Post Your Vacancies to the Jobs Abroad Bulletin (JAB)

The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is our bulletin board full of job vacancies posted by employers looking for staff. Over the years we have helped our readers to finance their travels by working as chefs in Austria, English teachers in Japan, chalet staff in Switzerland, au pairs in Dubai, tour leaders in Southeast Asia, and hostel workers in Panama. For more information please visit JAB's own dedicated advertising pages or simply post your vacancies to us below: 

Featured Job

£ 25 pm
  • Receive all the benefits of our premium service, including your advert placed on our home page, and most other pages of JAB, no other advertising placed alongside yours, photos, and a four and a half times greater response rate!
  • 1 x One Month Featured Job

`Multiple Featured Jobs

£ 250 pa
  • Should you prefer us to keep reposting the same Featured Job to maintain your message in front of our readers, or just have a lot of jobs that need filling and want a discount, our Multiple Featured Jobs option is the choice for you. 
  • 12 x One Month Featured Jobs

Ordinary Jobs

  • We might not get to do our money dance but our free advertisers keep JAB ticking over and we always appreciate seeing your adverts. Despite some restrictions many NGOs and small business with limited budgets have been using our service for years and report a great response to their advertising. 

"Students looking for summer jobs should scan the latest Jobs Abroad Bulletin" Mail on Sunday


With several websites we can offer a lot of different options to advertisers. While most of our advertising inventory is sold as part of a DClick package, some can be puchased separately or even traded for things we like and need for our own travels. Please investigate these examples for more information. Advertorials can also be arranged in The Working Traveller. Whatever your needs in attracting overseas workers, gap year students, career breakers, seasonal staff, backpackers, around the world travellers, or any other aspect of our readership, we will be happy to advise on the best options for your needs.

"Young, opinionated rag offers an alternative view on gap year organizations" Daily Telegraph

Our Advertisers

Organisations that have advertised vacancies and volunteer projects on our websites have included:

What Our Advertisers Have Said

"Thanks again for posting our ad yesterday. Since the advert went up, we have actually been inundated with applications …we didn’t expect such an amazing response!”

“We have had a huge response to our ad! So a very big thank you but I cannot cope with any more applicants! Please would you cancel the ad.”

"We have been able to recruit some high calibre individuals for our remaining summer vacancies. We think that JAB is an excellent publication for jobseekers and employers alike.”

For more information on any aspect of advertising with us, please contact Deirdre Higgins


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