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Links & Advertising Policy

These websites are our attempt at working abroad. Though we are just two backpackers much like yourselves, and would (and usually do) write and edit these sites for free, we make our living this way and sometimes accept money for advertising so we can pay bills and eat and stuff. On other occasions we trade advertising space for products and services.


Though the reality is nowhere near the case - the vast majority of links we choose are done so without thought of remuneration - it should be assumed that every link given and organisation mentioned is done so with the intention of lining our own pockets.

Most advertising on this site is obvious as such but where we think it is not, say when a link is placed within an article, we use various methods to make any commercial relationship clear.  These range from asterixed footnotes to linking to this page from the message below:

"Disclaimer: Find out more about our Links & Advertising policy"

In this way we hope to continue to trouser great fistfuls of cash* with a clear conscience and buy that second hand crown we've always wanted.

Shane & Deirdre

*I wish