The Really Really Big Page of Ways to Get Paid to Travel or Save Money as a Volunteer

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So you want to work abroad but don’t know what to do huh? Well it’s a big world so we have put together a big article to match the sheer number of diverse things you could find yourself doing to make a buck in Barcelona or save one in Bogota.

Most of the 600 suggestions for finding work abroad and getting paid to travel the world that we list here are aimed at those with few qualifications other than the determination, hard work and attention to details employers the world over want in their staff.

These opportunities include working for your keep on a French campsite, bar work in expat pubs, au pairing in America, volunteer crew on a replica tall ship, calling bingo numbers to hotel guests on a Greek island, getting paid to wash dishes in a ski resort, and dressing up as a ghoul to frighten children on Halloween.

Other ideas such as skippering a chartered yacht in the Caribbean or driving an overland bus through Africa are aimed at travel professionals but we hope they will give an idea what is possible and perhaps set some of you on the road to gaining the skills and qualifications to do such a job yourself in the future. We have also thrown in the odd leftfield idea such as working onboard a cruise ship as guest clergy.

One important thing to bear in mind is the links given below are leads and suggestions, ideas and even on occasion rumours. With a few exceptions they are not recruitment adverts and should not be treated as such. An organisation that we have spotted recruiting in the past and will do so again in the future may not be in need of someone right now. If you want current job vacancies please visit our Jobs Abroad Bulletin site.

Where possible we have linked to employment pages but these are far more likely to move and result in dud links than had we linked to the home page. If you encounter a dud link try running the company name along with ‘jobs’ through a search engine to find where they have moved things around. Otherwise type in the home page and see if it can be found from there. One last but very important point to note is - to avoid lots of if this and that’s - I’m largely ignoring work visa rules in this article. But you won’t be able to.

We know it is much easier to travel the world, let alone find paid employment too, for some nationalities than it is for others. What will be a great job for someone from one country will be closed to an applicant from another. How many of the possibilities given below that are available to you will very much depend on how easy it is to travel and work your way around the world without visas, and how easy it is to get a work permit if needed.

As native English speaking EU nationals from a country with a strong currency and many reciprocal agreements with other countries, British and Irish travellers will fare the best for travel jobs. For others we are aware life is less fair but bear in mind working under the table is possible where local labour is scarce or disinclined to do low paid short term jobs. These jobs however are less likely to be advertised publically on websites and as such won’t be linked to here. If paid employment isn't possible, then cutting your expenses by volunteering will be the next best option. This often isn't legal either but is far less likely to attract unwanted attention from officials or jealous locals. Get Paid to Travel


Read on for hundreds of ideas for living abroad, getting paid to travel or saving money by volunteering

Billed as the ‘dance floor on top of the world’ La Folie Douce is one of Europe’s most famous après-ski bars in Europe. Represented in each of Val d’Isere-Tignes, Val Thorens, Meribel-Courchevel, St Gervais-Megeve and Alpe d’Huez, they take on numerous staff including cashiers, kitchen assistants, admin staff, security, writers, dancers and DJs.

If you have spent the past week talking English but paying for your meals and accommodation, then I’m afraid to say you are doing something wrong. Help to create an English speaking environment in Germany and people will feed us and give us a free bed to sleep in.

Nimble on their toes gentlemen aged 40 plus can dance their way onto a cruise ship and earn near free travel at sea by socialising with single women taking a cruise. Perks for dance hosts include tips, discounts, a drinks allowance and dining room privileges, and sometimes shore excursions and round trip airfares.

There are extra challenges leading school groups. “With kids, you affect and change lives. Maybe they’ve never travelled and you show them what’s out there,” says Carrie Fitchett, a tour director working with Educational Travel Adventures. We couldn’t find a jobs page on the ETA site but other US based tour companies aimed at teenagers include The Road Less Traveled, Westcoast Connection, National Geographic Student Expeditions, Putney Student Travel, People to People Ambassador Programs and Lifeworks.

The task of putting up and taking down the accommodation for a campsite holiday is given to the montage and demontage assistants. Montage assistants work the beginning of a season, putting up the tents, making sure they are clean and setting up the other equipment needed on a campsite. Demontage pretty much do the reverse at the end of the season: taking down the tents, cleaning and packing everything away ready for the following season.

Learn to be an Entrepreneur in Lithuania: described as a crash course in reality, a ‘how to’ guide for breaking free and becoming successful, the four day camp is aimed at young entrepreneurs and held each summer beside a lake in Trakai, Lithuania. Only 50 places are available each summer but, aside from an age limit of 18 to 25, there are no set criteria to apply.

Keen to avoid his wife having to do all the chores while the Captain is busy running the ship, catering and housekeeping assistance is welcomed on Joybringer, a luxury private motor yacht. An ensuite cabin, food, and a modest salary are given in exchange for working for a month or so. The boat is based in the Greek Islands, equipped with its own ski boat, scuba diving and fishing equipment. Volunteer crew are also taken on.

Lecturers might be surprised to learn they can join the entertainment circuit on cruise ships if they can give an account of the history, geography, geology, florae and faunae, literature and culture of the ports and surrounding areas visited by the ships. Enrichment lectures, on subjects such as film and Hollywood history, sports, physics, and astronomy, are also in demand. The Bramson Entertainment Bureau can find you the work.

Working for your keep in a hostel is a good way of cutting down on expensive accommodation costs and circumventing local employment visa requirements. Though it can be a grey area many hostels are willing to provide unpaid work in countries where avenues for paid employment are closed. To help you find a place to sleep for free we put together a list of 347 hostels and guest houses open to volunteer work exchanges in Europe, Asia and Africa, and North and South America, Australia and New Zealand.

On its own in the wilderness, lifelong friendships, and more than a few marriages, have resulted from working at Strathcona Park Lodge, in British Columbia. They accept resumes year round but most hiring is done in February. Staff live on site in simple and rustic accommodation, paying between $12 and $15 per day for expenses.

Working for Wandering Duck, a hosted canal boat experience for individuals and small groups, is a lifestyle choice involving living on a canal boat from March to October. Cleaning and readying the boat, welcoming guests and preparing meals are among the tasks for crew, who must be over 18 and able to work legally in the UK. Boating experience, photography and social media skills will all add to your chance of being hired.

Investing in the future is a popular gap year choice in itself and numerous companies provide watersports instructor training in holiday locations, including Flying Fish, who are active in the UK, Canada and Australia, as well as in Vassiliki on the Greek island of Lefkada. Sharing the same resort and providing windsurfing holidays is the TUI brand, Club Vass. On the north of the island Milas Beach Resort hires instructors, bar tenders and beach assistants to service holidaying kite boarders and wind surfers. If Club Vass won’t give you a job, look through Flying Fish’s excellent recruitment page. Vassiliki is also the home of Ocean Elements, the summer arm of Alpine Elements. Several other tour operators also operate in the resort. A tourist boat based on the island, the M/S Christina, sometimes has vacancies for crew members.

Boris Glumpler, who was paid to teach in Asia, describes the road to becoming a dive instructor as five steps beginning with an Open Water Course, proceeding through Advanced Open Water and Rescue Diver to Divemaster, the first professional level course.  The process ends with the Instructor Development Course. This begins after 60 logged dives with exams taken after 100 dives. Once qualified dive instructors can expect to earn a commission of 20 to 30% of the price of a course per student. For finding work he recommends either sending off loads of CVs to dive schools in your next destination or just turning up and dropping off your CV and phone number. Speaking German, French or whichever language is dominant among the holidaymakers in your chosen resort will increase the chances of finding work.

Internships in Thailand


The British Exploring Society has used our Jobs Abroad Bulletin to recruit for volunteer adventure leaders to lead expeditions to the Sinai for disadvantaged young people from the UK, but they are best known for their polar expeditions, as befits an organisation founded by a member of Captain Scott's final Antarctic journey. All expenses relating to the programme, including flights, food, accommodation and group equipment, will be paid throughout. Social leaders, responsible for the pastoral care of the group and for the personal development aspects of the programme are also hired.

The most prominent roles with tour operators are the tour reps, sometimes called holiday reps, overseas reps, couriers or resort reps. The tour rep is the public face of a tour operator and local intermediary between company and customer. His or her personality should match the needs of the company’s market. A Saga rep will need a very different skillset to that required of someone working for Club 18-30, for instance.

Despite Greece’s well known financial troubles and high unemployment, we still see plenty of vacancies for overseas staff posted to our Jobs Abroad Bulletin. Small year round populations, a lack of skills locally and a desire for workers that speak the language of their clientele continue to drive the demand for seasonal workers.

Physically demanding work in hot weather isn’t everyone’s cup of tea which is why Australians tend to leave that sort of thing to others. Download a free guide from for more information on picking fruit in Australia.

For Caitlyn O’Dowd, who we interviewed in The Working Traveller, any day during the season can see her guiding in one or more of 45 cities in 11 countries in Europe. She worked for Busabout, but Contiki, Explore, Top Deck, Tucan, On the Go, Grand American Adventures and Intrepid also hire tour leaders in Europe and beyond. Geckos Adventures prefer to employ local staff for their tours but take on outsiders for their polar trips.

Plenty of ways to work at sea are covered in Wandering Earl’s ebook Work on a Cruise Ship.

Are you between the age of 18-35 or in your first five years of a career in horticulture with a love of plants, gardens and gardening? If so, you can get financial assistance to visit gardens in the UK or abroad, or to study plants in their natural habitats anywhere in the world.

Surf Jobs is a good Facebook page for your surfer job hunt. This well maintained Facebook page is also worth checking out. A lot of the posts are in German but some are in English too. A mixture of paid and volunteer positions can be found on while the company directory of might be worth a quick browse. is a sparse board of surf jobs and a trawl through this list of surf camps could turn up a few more possibilities.

I like free beer. Do you like free beer? What fool doesn’t like free beer? Volunteers over the age of 21 can get paid in beer in Oregon.

There is no shortage in this world of children or jobs looking after them. Au pair agencies will be only too happy to round you up, hand you your ticket and send you on your way to their host families. However, once thoughts turn to au pairing or nannying in a ski resort the competition starts getting fierce.

Experienced drivers, preferably licenced to drive a minibus, can find work taking holiday makers between the airport and their ski resort destination. Alpybus driver positions are based in Geneva, Chamonix, Morzine and Verbier, the last of which comes with accommodation. Mountain Drop-offs also serves Chamonix and Morzine from Geneva airport. Try also Chamexpress. Large tour operators also often recruit their own dedicated driving staff but we’ve picked a smaller company, Zenith Holidays, to highlight their resort driver position. MorzineLets also hire airport transfer drivers.

Ice skating, sledging and excursions to some of Switzerland’s most famous destinations, such as the United Nations or the Mason Cailler Chocolate Factory, are part of the après ski activities open to children that attend winter camps in Switzerland. Les Elfes International hire winter camp monitors who are positive, have an open mind, and have skills in activities that separate you from the crowd, such as a guitar teacher, or dance coach.

The Bhutan Canada Foundation works in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Bhutan to send highly qualified native-English-speaking teachers to teach in public schools across the country.  Ashley and Mike Lenzen are one Canadian couple that applied and some of their experiences can be read on their blog.

The Russian middle classes love a bit of Mary Poppins and have fully bought into the idea that for a tip top governess, tutor or nanny you just have to go British. All business related expenses, including travel and visa as well as registration with the Russian authorities, are provided by agencies such as Gouverneur International, Duke & Duchess International, Bonne International, and Chelsea Clarke.

The camp counsellor roles with Camp Europe are voluntary, circumventing those tricky work permit issues. They pay a weekly stipend to cover inter-continental transportation expenses for applicants from both inside and outside the European Union. Locations vary but camps are usually in Germany, Austria, Ireland, France and Spain.

Seeing the world from a porthole and blogging about it is the life for Katie Wilter, a superyacht stewardess. She found her job by signing up with the many yachting agencies. These include Dovaston Crew, Silver Swan Recruitment, Super Yacht Crew, YPI Crew, Camper & Nicholsons International, Luxury Yacht Group, and Bluewater. WilsonHalligan  also have some steward positions but mostly specialise in officer and crew positions and current jobs are listed on Northrop and Johnson. More agencies can be found here.

The heyday of overland companies has long passed but the trucks and buses of the surviving businesses still trundle around Africa, Asia and South America. Those hiring drivers (and tour leaders) with a sound mechanical knowledge include Absolute Africa, Dragoman and Oasis Overland.

When we first added a link to PGL in our directory over a decade ago they were recruiting over 2,000 staff to work in their activity centres across Britain, France and Spain. Today, they need a still not inconsiderable 1000 people to look after their guests.

Getting taken on as the crew of a yacht is a great way of getting from A to B via the planet’s large watery bits. Tiffany and Greg Norte who worked their way around the Pacific present their tips for volunteer crewing but it is also worth reading this rant, and tips, from a yotty.

Global Vision International have a whole site dedicated to job opportunities, traineeships and work placements in conservation, wildlife research, international education and managing international volunteers. Positions at the time of writing included community field staff in Thailand, a work placement in South Africa and paid positions for a base manager in the Seychelles and administration assistant in Mexico.

Do you want to spend your summer in exotic locations, sailing and meeting new friends? Are you people oriented, outgoing, helpful and love cooking? Join and pass The Yacht Week’s skipper and hostess academy and there may be work when clients hire their yachts for destinations including the British Virgin Islands, Turkey and Thailand. Unpaid internships in Croatia for event staff are also sometimes offered.

Get Paid to Travel


Baby boomer prosperity and a continent sized nation uncluttered with twisty country lanes and narrowed ancient town streets combine to make the United States an ideal place for Recreational Vehicles and the lifestyle that comes with them. Most RVers are retired, supplementing their incomes by working at campgrounds, either for pay or a pitch. The phenomenon is known as workamping. It’s often spelt that way thanks to the Kampgrounds of America’s (KOA) Work Kamper program, aimed at attracting seasonal workers to fill positions at nearly 500 KOA locations, including food services, housekeeping, groundswork, and retail sales. Other helpful sites include Workers on Wheels, Workamper News, Snowbird RV Trails,, and RRM.

If you know the right end of a cow and are not afraid to get a little dirty, can commit to at least three months and have a working holiday visa for New Zealand, FRENZ Recruitment provide accommodation and a wage to dairy farm assistants joining their team. They also hire construction workers.

For free travel HF Holidays provide accommodation and expenses to their volunteer walk leaders in the UK and around the world.

Live and work in Yellowstone National Park, 2.2 million acres of designated wilderness area. Xanterra Parks & Resorts owns Yellowstone National Park Lodges where seasonal jobs include campground staff, cooks, housekeeping and retail. International students are employed on J-1 and F-1 visas.

Keen motorcyclists are often welcomed to join team Hochalmspitze, a 22 room gasthof and restaurant in the southern Austria. They have used our boards before to recruit a chef to cater to their international customer base and we have seen mention on their site about needing a replacement for their British waitress. Staff are rewarded with a chance to learn or improve your German, paid flight there, board and lodging, monthly pocket money and a share of the tips.

It’s been a while since we were in Kavos, the lairy resort at the bottom tip of Corfu. We spotted loads of jobs vacant signs outside bars and clubs while we were there and despite the economic downturn confident and approachable Brits with strong livers will still find plenty of work PRing if they are on the spot at the right time. The busy Rolling Stone is a definite place to approach. This site has some advice on working in Kavos, while Kavos Nightlife has a small jobs page worth browsing though.

Dollywood is the most visited attraction in Tennessee after the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Along with jobs in the theme park, they audition singers, actors, dancers, specialty performers, small bluegrass bands and Southern Gospel groups to be a part of Dollywood’s award-winning shows. The newly opened DreamMore Resort is next door.

Singapore’s Camp Challenge welcome you to join them in a flexible work arrangement allowing you to experience the city-state and travel around Asia while maintaining a stable source of income. They pay SGD$500 for working ten days in a month, with basic accommodation provided. Applicants should be undergraduates or fresh graduates with a degree in any discipline, able to commit for six months, at least 19 years old and eligible for Singapore’s Working Holiday Pass.

When Daniel Beaumont travelled 7,500 miles for free by hooking up with women through Tinder, he became a great example of thinking outside the box to utilise a wifi signal and an online service to pay his way from A to B.

Steiner has operated spas on board luxury cruise ships for over 50 years, each year hiring over 2000 massage and beauty therapists, fitness instructors, physicians, acupuncturists, hairdressers, nail technicians and receptionists. Interviews are held in the UK every fortnight with less frequent interview dates in other countries. The Queen Mary 2, Oceania Cruises, Regent Seven Seas, and Celebrity Cruises all have Canyon Ranch spas on their ships.

600 kilometres of piste make the Three Valleys the largest ski area in the world, and a happy hunting ground for ski job seekers. Courchevel, Meribel and Val Thorens are the biggest resorts in the area but La Tania and St Martin de Belleville might also be worth a look-see. Consensio needs employees to staff their luxury chalets in both Courchevel, Meribel, and two other resorts elsewhere in the French Alps, while Meriski focuses its efforts on the one resort. Fill in the online application to be considered for a job with them. This accommodation directory with contact details and locations in Val Thorens might divvy up a few leads there. Courchnet has both advice on working and a jobs page for those hoping to join the 4000 season workers that make Courchevel their home each year. Powder White, Alpine Escape, Ski Magic and Supertravel are some of the employers that might be paying your wages there next season.

Along with gap year program leaders, Rustic Pathways hire program leaders for their student tours, and airport coordinators. Experience as a teacher or camp counsellor will aid your application for any of these roles. Outlook Expeditions and Where There Be Dragons are two more companies to investigate.

The Comenius Assistants Programme is an EU trainee teacher placement to help participants improve their language skills and gain an insight into another European education system. Placements can be made in all the countries of the EU and their dependent territories around the world and in a handful of other countries with strong EU links such as Switzerland and Norway and EU candidates Turkey and Croatia. Find more information from the British Council.

Can you drive? And edit videos? If yes, Voyager Adventure offers this unusual role incorporating driving a nine seat minibus and boat trailer with editing customer videos. More conventional outdoor activity centre type jobs can be had with their centres in both France and Spain.

The Canadian Camping Association (CCA) is a non-profit, national federation of nine provincial camping associations, seven of which have a page of summer camp job postings: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick. We couldn’t find any jobs for Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island but a list of camps can be found here. A few job listings for camps in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia can also be found on this page.

If you are particularly comfortable on a bicycle saddle, try applying to Trek Travel or French Cycling Holidays.

Just as Hollywood and American television welcomes an influx of British talent, American summer camps are staffed partly thanks to a substantial congregation of foreign workers, facilitated by the J-1 Cultural Exchange Visa.

Funded by the US Congress and German Bundestag, The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals annually provides 75 young Americans with an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in Germany. The scholarship includes a round trip transatlantic flight, university tuition, language training, living stipend, insurance and programme related travel costs while in Germany.

Join the 50 great people and two jerks who keep Amsterdam’s Boom Chicago comedy club running. On stage and behind the scenes roles, such as wait staff and runners, are offered to English speakers. A little Dutch is helpful for the job of distributing promotion material throughout the city.

House Sitting


A while ago Brandon Fralic emailed from his cave room in Cappadocia to say he had scored a volunteer position we had mentioned on our other site, the Jobs Abroad Bulletin. We told him how the hotel cat gets into his room and, in exchange, he tells us more about his job.

Geared mostly towards Americans – whether they are globetrekkers or expats – in the US or abroad, Modern Day Nomads provides seasonal and contract work-to-travel listings, arts residencies and study programmes. If you are looking for writing and other creative arts positions you will find yourself particularly well catered for.

The renowned Dick’s Tea Bar will be familiar to anyone that has worked a season in Val d'Isere. The club and bar has been popular with the resort’s season workers since it opened in 1979 and hires staff from around the world to serve their international clientele. Interviews are usually held in London each September, however for candidates based outside the UK, interviews will be conducted over Skype. Successful candidates will be required in Val d'Isere from December.

Camp Suisse recruit a talented photographer, able to build great rapport with children and adults alike, to create a comprehensive library of great imagery for their next Camp Suisse brochure.

Getting paid for laying around in your dressing gown munching pizza after being pumped full of drugs sounds a little too good to be true but this is what His Dudeness Ralf Kreuze does to finance his travels. This post on participating in medical trials in The Working Traveller is a few years old now but some valid leads might still be found there.

Bilingual German and English speaking hairdressers can find work on Europe’s waterways with Lueftner Cruises. The job also involves staffing the onboard shop. Waiters, chefs, managers and cruise directors may find work here too. Bar tenders, bar and restaurant stewards, and chefs should also investigate G & P.

Despite the name International Summer Camp Montana is in Switzerland. They give you money if you do their laundry.

Residential volunteers from abroad play an important part in the Camphill Communities of Ireland, part of an international charitable trust working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs. Pioneered by war refugees in Scotland almost 70 years ago, Camphill today numbers over 100 communities in 20 countries. In the Republic of Ireland, 18 communities of varying sizes and settings are home to around 500 people.

Alpadia Language Schools hires a train travel chaperone to accompany their students to and from Zurich Airport.

Adventurous, fun loving, outgoing people who can cope with the challenges of working and living within a close knit environment should apply for work within the Carnival Corporation Casino Division, which oversees ten cruise brands. Dealers, aged over 21, with a minimum of one years’ experience in a licensed casino, in Blackjack and Roulette are sought, along with experience cashiers. Mandarin and English speakers are most in demand.

Canvas Holidays offer the role of campsite courier in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. They require a minimum of one year in a customer service role, preferably with previous tour operator or camping experience. They employ both individuals and couples for the position. Venue Holidays, Matthews Holidays and Questen France offer similar positions. A tell it how it is free PDF book dedicated to campsite couriers working in Europe can be had from

Caravan Jobfinder lists vacancies for campsite assistants, wardens, bar staff, cleaners and other positions found on caravan parks and campsites in the UK. Scroll through the jobs page on too. Both sites also have a smattering jobs in Europe, mostly France. Alan Rogers does not list jobs but campsites in Europe can be found via their pages to approach on spec. 

Canada’s working holiday visa programme is called International Experience Canada and is available to citizens of countries with bilateral youth mobility agreements with Canada. Click the link above to see if like Mexico, Ukraine and Hong Kong your country qualifies.

Soul and Surf tries to hire locally in India but will employ both experienced qualified surf instructors and assistants from anywhere in the world with a can-do positive attitude. Some paid catering positions might be going too, plus they also offer a bed and food to travellers already in India to volunteer in their café from March to May. Spanish speaking volunteer surf instructors are taken on by Los Cardones Surf lodge in Nicaragua.

Ski Armadillo is an independent company, privately owned since 2001 that, to deliver the bespoke product they offer in Verbier, look for enthusiastic, motivated individuals with a passion for customer service. Hard working chefs, hosts and drivers should also consider working for CK Verbier. The Nevai Hotel might also have a few jobs needing filled and Pub Mont Fort invites you to download an application form for the next season. Inghams is one large tour operator that might send you to Verbier to be their resort representative. More vacancies in the resort can be found listed on Verbinet. Elsewhere in the region Hidden Dragon are a luxury mountain hideaway that recruits hospitality professionals, or make enquiries to Mira Chalet Services, who are known to hire a gardener and resort assistant.

Get Paid to Travel


British Columbia’s Camp Summit hires mountain bike instructors, outdoor education instructors, childcare staff and a winter site manager. More information on recruitment, including the application timeline, typical days at camp and a full list of positions can be found in a comprehensive PDF document.

The Local is firmly in your corner when hunting for work in France with a job search and articles such as The jobs in France where you don't need French, Top Ten: Dream jobs in France for expats, and Working in Paris: Making a career out of odd jobs.

Live-in positions are available from April to September to happy souls who enjoy travelling and camping. Simply Strawberries travel across the UK shows and sporting events, selling strawberries and cream from carts and trays. Basic English language essential, drivers are preferred.

The activities provided to children at Manor Adventure‘s UK and French centres are land based. Staff are on 11 month contracts and have the opportunity to gain up to five National Governing Body qualifications including British Canoe Union UKCC level 1 Kayaking & Canoeing, National Small-bore Rifle Association, Grand National Archery Association Leader Award, British Fencing Association Teaching Award, Mountain Leader Training and SPAT, Fire Marshall Award and First Aid Certificate. Their multi activity instructors live on site, are fed three hot meals per day and earn £12,100 per annum (aged 18-20), or £15,200 per annum if you are aged 21.

A couple of hundred vacancies, information about working, living or studying in Finland, and career advice can be found on the English language site, Work in Finland. This site also has information on studying and working in Finland.

Get involved in some of the projects hosted by Spanish Naturally and you can stay in Spain for free.

There are good reasons to apply to summer camp via an agency, in particular the job fairs where it is quite easy to show up and be placed with a camp straight away with a minimum of fuss. Even I got a job offer this way. CCUSA, Camp America, BUNAC, Inter-Exchange, Camp Leaders, Americamp, USA Summer Camp, Camp Staff USA, 3adventures, and IENA will each take British applicants through every step of the way from initial application to in country orientation. Nationals of other countries may also be sponsored by some of these organisations. Try replacing with .com for some of them, otherwise use a search engine in your local language to find an organisation appropriate for you. A comparison of the costs and benefits of being placed with some these organisations can be found here.

King, princess, torturer and rat catcher are some of the characters that bring Warwick Castle to life. Keep an eye on their vacancies section to see when they are next holding auditions and accepting applications for actors and performers. Warehouse, kitchen and ground staff are some of the more conventional positions that can be found here too.

Of all the watersports qualifications becoming a scuba diving instructor is the most likely to be a decision first made on the road. Almost literally dipping your toe in the water in some of the world’s great dive spots and backpacker destinations, such as Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Central America or Thailand, can ultimately lead to a change of career.

Work on a Cruise Ship


Riverland’s 1,300 vineyards and farms are both a major contributor of the grapes used to produce exported ‘critter wine’ - the term given to labels inspired by Australia’s indigenous animals – and harvest employment for backpackers.

Accommodation gets scarce during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. One way to keep the costs down is to ensure a volunteer job with Paradise Green, a non profit founded in 1997 run venues at the Fringe. Meals and tickets are provided long with accommodation in one of their flats.

While a gap year can be all about living in the moment it can also be a chance to venture into the past. Past Horizons lists numerous archaeological digs around the world where volunteers are welcomed.

The Little Mermaid at Sea shares her life as a nanny on superyachts.

An organisation we first heard of when they posted an advert to JAB is Vietnam’s American Paradise Camp. They pay their counsellors US$180 a week plus room and board and return transportation from Ho Chi Minh City.  Energetic individuals make up the counselling, administrative and support staff at Camp Taiwan. Applicants for the position of camp counsellor should, among other things, be native English speakers, enrolled or graduated from university, and experienced in teaching or assisting in one of their camp activities. These include archery, outdoor living skills; crafts, music, surfing and kayaking.

Teachers looking for a free trip can get one - with training in advance in Paris, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Barcelona or Beijing - courtesy of EF Educational Tours by enrolling six students.

The Disaway Trust is a registered charity that since 1982 have organised group holidays with physically disabled people. Volunteer helpers are needed to assist the disabled holidaymakers. Disaway make an effort to match helpers and holidaymakers with similar interests, and inexperienced helpers will where possible be assigned to a holidaymaker needing minimal care. A part contribution to your holiday is required.

A family run luxury holiday company, Simply Morzine recruit chefs, hosts and guides for winter and summer season employment with the promise you will be treated as an individual not a number. More chalet staff can earn their living with AliKats Mountain Holidays, Riders Refuge and Mountain Spaces. Restaurant Le Clin d’Oeil might also have a few vacancies for chefs. Jack and Jill Holidays look for look for mature candidates with a bit of life experience. More ski accommodation and a list of the tour operators in the resort are given here. Morznet can also be used to research the resort, or just go direct to these jobs or this Facebook page.

Frontier, who state they are always looking for great staff to work in its offices in London and California as well as on their projects around the world, post their current vacancies on their site.

A riverside activity site on the banks of the dramatic Ardèche river in the forests of the sun drenched South of France could be your home for a week in July. Apply online to Village Camps if you are interested. Village Camps also organise international summer camp programmes in England, Austria, Switzerland, Cyprus, China, USA and Canada.

The English-Speaking Union runs a parliamentary exchange programme between Westminster and Paris, offering UK university undergraduates the opportunity to intern in the Assemblée Nationale.

Talon Windwalker is a traveller that caught the scuba diving bug. Leaving the US with his son Tigger and $900 he had hoped to pick up some work teaching English but instead he took his diving qualifications in Utila, Honduras, where he earned a living for eight months. Speaking to Around the World in 80 Jobs he passes on his advice for becoming a scuba diving instructor on the island, reputed to be one of the best and cheapest places to get qualified.

Greycoat Lumleys have been providing catering staff of the highest calibre since 1972, and staff are rigorously interviewed prior to appointment. The agency also recruits household or estate staff, nannies, ski chalet staff and yacht crew for the UK and internationally. Blues, Book a Cook and Lovat Cooking Agency are also always interested to hear from talented individuals who feel they can lend their expertise.

Chalet accommodation is sparser in the upmarket Austrian ski resort of Kitzbuhel, Austria. Guests are more likely to stay in hotels such as the Grand Tirolia. Ski Austria lists more hotels in the resort and, while you are there, read this article on the realities of looking for work in an Austrian ski resort. A few situations vacant are listed here too.

The Chalets Direct Job forum is mostly jobs wanted ads but a few jobs offered can be found too, mostly posted by smaller businesses. We found the idyllic looking Chalet La Giettaz hunting for a couple of people with good kitchen experience and able to drive to help run their French chalet in the summer. I would expect they need help in the winter too.

Suncare Central provide a suncare advisors to British tour operators, hotels and resorts in Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Mexico and Mexico. Advisors teach holidaymakers the best methods to avoid sunburn and other sun related conditions, while promoting their natural skin care, sun protection, and tanning products. More information is available from Suncare’s recruitment website.

A few years ago the Daily Telegraph ran a few articles on doing a season in Val d’Isere, officially the number one ski resort for British skiers, and home to the biggest presence of British tour operators in the world. These include Scott Dunn, Ski Weekend, Flexiski, SkiWorld, Ski Total, Inghams, Le Ski, and Ski Olympic. Le Chardon Mountain Lodges, who operate five traditionally designed luxury ski in / ski out chalets, put together an impressive recruitment brochure to entice the 35 staff they need each year. Other nationalities visit the resort too. Danish company Nortlander, for instance, hires guides, bar staff and chefs. Valdinet also has more advice on finding work in the resort, along with a jobs page, while Vie Val d'Is is an association for season workers living in Val d’Isère.

Ohio’s Cedar Point bills itself as the roller coaster capital of the world. International employees are welcomed each season as long as they are participating through a work and travel programme. The job board of the IAAPA, a group dedicated to the preservation and prosperity of the amusement industry, lists more theme park jobs in the USA, and a few elsewhere, but most vacancies seemed to be management positions rather than seasonal jobs when we looked.

Some ways to find a job for yourself at an American summer camp include approaching Camp Staff Connection, a staffing agency, or going through the vacancies listed on the job boards at Camp Channel, MySummerCamps and OutdoorEd. State by state listings are provided on CampPage. You might find a few dud links after clicking on the listings on the jobs page of the Western Association of Independent Camps but strip the page url down to the front page and you should be fine. More reliable is the 100 year old, 9000 strong American Camp Association.

Leiths School of Food and Wine has a job agency section where vacancies listed on their board are available in the UK or abroad. The jobs on Leiths List when we took a peek included an assistant chef for a shooting lodge on the Somerset borders, a chef needed for a villa in Corfu, catering to the guests on a yacht cruising around Italy, Croatia and France, and a holiday cook wanted for three weeks in 3 weeks, Aix en Provence.

The hotels and restaurants using, a tourism job portal for the German and Austrian Alps, require employees to have an adequate level of German. Nevertheless the site says they will help English speakers whose German skills are not good enough to register themselves and apply online. Austria Trend and Vienna International are two hotel and resort groups in Austria with English language careers pages.

Imagine spending your day playing games and your evenings hosting a parade of pirates ready to take over any ship. That’s the job description for youth staff working with children on Royal Caribbean ships, where potential candidates should have a background of one year physical fitness or recreational sports instruction with resorts, sports facilities or related recreational facilities. These and positions looking after children on other cruise ships are among those advertised on All Cruise Jobs. Kings Recruit also hire youth and teen staff for cruises.

SEA Semester is an off-campus environmental studies programme focused on the ocean. The classroom is their two ships, both crewed by volunteer deckhands, that undertake transatlantic crossings or voyage around the Pacific and Mediterranean. Room and board are provided, and incidental expenses will be reimbursed up to $5 per day when in port.

This idea is a little bit niche: guest clergy are sought by Bramson Entertainment Bureau for cruise ship gigs. Jewish clergy are placed for High Holidays, Passover and Hanukkah, while ordained Protestants are in demand over Christmas, Easter and selected cruises of ten days or longer throughout the rest of the year. Seabourn also invites priests and rabbis to get in touch for sailings during religious holidays.

One option for full time university students (or those within six months of graduation) is to apply via a Work America type programme through organisations such as BUNAC for the J-1 Summer Work and Travel Visa. This allows seasonal work to be taken anywhere in the USA during the summer holidays. Non students may qualify under the H-2B program which allows US employers who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary non agricultural jobs.

The Camp counsellors employed at Nacel’s American Village Camps are mostly North Americans tasked with recreating an ‘American camp’ environment and making it fun to speak in American English from the moment the campers arrive. No French, childcare or teaching experience is required.

Get Paid to Travel lists over 240 live in care agencies in the UK. The Nursing Agencies List also provides a simple to search directory of all the nursing agencies in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and provides information for working in Australia, New Zealand and Canada too.

UKSA is a charity that has helped to launch 5000 careers both through their advice and their watersports courses, but they also hire seasonal watersports instructors themselves. They sometimes have bursaries and funding options available to help young people onto their courses. More careers advice, along with a jobs page of vacancies posted by their members, can be found on the site of the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

A couple of the hostels we stayed with in Kuala Lumpur told us they might have occasional work for backpackers.

Peel Talent hires performers, entertainment hosts, studio staff and backstage crews to deliver live entertainment programmes for Thomson Cruises. A past employee, a singer, describes a typical day at work consisting of “performing every night, sitting and talking with passengers, organising games and activities and make sure all the passengers on board were having a good holiday.” A YouTube video from behind the scenes of one of their shows can be viewed here. Auditions are held regularly in the UK. For more cruise ship entertainment jobs try the New York based Bramson agency, and Basa Productions, or go through this list of entertainment agencies.

Each season Sherpa Expeditions look for experienced guides to lead UK based walks in the Lake District, as well as tours in Europe. Guides should be experienced walkers, preferably having lead or walked the Coast to Coast, a 192 mile long distance footpath in northern England, and in the European Alps.  Applicants should also be proficient in using maps and a compass and have a current First Aid Certificate.

The amount of over qualified people we met trying to entice us into restaurants in Dahab suggests Egypt isn’t the place to go to find work but further up the Sinai coast Castle Zaman sometimes take on high quality English speaking European staff, with basic French and Arabic always a plus.

You don’t have to go down the find and apply for a job route to teach English. You could just set yourself up in a park and offer private lessons, as Wandering Earl did in Chiang Mai.

There are around 250 positions offered in the UK, France, Italy and Spain each year by Acorn Adventure. Along with activity staff they hire catering and bar staff and drivers.

English teachers, French teachers, and activity leaders are the three roles offered in the Swiss mountains by Altitude International Summer Camps. Two years’ summer camp or teaching experience is needed to apply.

Coral Cay Conservation’s expedition staff work on four to six month contracts for food, accommodation and work related expenses whilst on-site, but have to fund their own flights and insurance. A similar deal is offered by Raleigh International to volunteers aged over 25. While there are management roles for those that aren’t, medically trained volunteers are particularly sought to lead their expeditions.

The Cirdan Sailing Trust enables groups of disadvantaged young people to experience the challenge and adventure of life at sea on large sailing vessels. They take on volunteer hands for work off the coast of the UK and cross Channel voyages. Excellent sea legs and culinary skills can also be put to good use in a ship’s galley. Volunteer crew and skippers are also taken on with Adventures Offshore, Adventures Under Sail and The Rona Sailing Project. Volunteer crew that have been a paying guest on at least one of their trips are invited to join Challenge Wales.

Massage Me work in partnership with hotels and chalets to offer a wide variety of treatments in French ski resorts. Road and mountain bikers are their clients in the summer. They look for enthusiastic and professional massage and beauty therapists to join their team.

Portugal’s Mayer Luz Beach Apartments regularly use our boards to recruit an outgoing, hardworking and independent individual to work a busy poolside snack bar. Elsewhere in the country a knowledge of pub grub, full breakfasts and international food can open the door to a job with Marina Bar Lagos. The nearby Lighthouse might also have need of kitchen help.

The staff of Nicaragua’s Magnific Rock Popoyo are a mix of international surfers, travel enthusiasts and local Nicaraguans. Chefs, for instance, receive a local wage, tips and room and board. Spanish is a plus but should be aged 25 to 35, trade qualified with experience in training staff and coordinating a kitchen.

English speaking foreigners are in demand to staff the numerous camps dotted around Korea and share our language for a month or two. Camps also take place in the winter months. Johnny Ward spent three weeks in one such English camp and helpfully provides an FAQ on the experience over on his blog.

Radisson is among the brands of the Carlson Rezidor hotel group. Links to their global careers websites can be found here.

The Bushcraft Company is a leading provider of outdoor education in the UK to students aged 7 to 18, and recruits outdoor instructors, field cooks and estate managers each season. Between them Camp Beaumont, Supercamps, Kings Camps, Ultimate Survival, and JCA fill hundreds more jobs at their UK centres. Other companies with multiple centres include Kingswood, Girlguiding and Scout  Activity Centres, the last of which provide accommodation with weekly spending money to volunteers from the UK and around the world.

It has been ranked the happiest country in the world so why not work in Denmark? Only a handful of the many jobs listed here are for restaurants and bars, but most of these are in English.

If you love working with children, have an outgoing character, and are available from the end of June to mid August then Sunflower Sprachcamps offers free accommodation and a salary to English speaking instructors to teach English in an interactive and fun way. The camps take place in the Dusseldorf region of Germany, in youth clubs and youth hostels during the local summer holidays.

Tour leaders for Inside Vietnam Tours are the make or break element for their small group tours and are expected to be the best in the business: experts on Indochina, skilled at leading a group, and with excellent people skills to ensure group cohesion and the best possible experience for our clients. Japanese experts can try their sister company, Inside Japan Tours.

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Julie Perry spent three years as a megayacht stewardess, which took her to over 40 ports in 18 countries. Her confessions from her year afloat with the rich and famous are given in her book The Insiders' Guide to Becoming A Yacht Stewardess and accompanying website. Another great resource is the mixture of free and premium content in The Stewardess Bible.

Hotels in the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada make liberal use of animation teams to keep their guests entertained and amused. Reviews left by holidaymakers seem to rate TopTeam Entertainment. Russian holidaymakers are especially prevalent in Hurghada so Russian speakers will have an advantage here but TopTeam also hires Czechs, Poles, Swiss and other nationalities. Enjoy RSH also place animation teams on the Red Sea, and on Nile cruises. Try also Five Stars Animation, and Club Magic Life.

One outdoor organisation worth highlighting is Wilderness Inquiry, a non profit intended to introduce urban youth, families, and people with disabilities to the outdoors. They have seasonal vacancies for both paid and volunteer trail guides with a ‘we thinking’ and ‘whatever it takes’ attitude.

Though is not a recruitment site it can be a useful tool for finding local tourism companies that may need staff in Greece. Dig even deeper and you might even discover their hard-to-find-from-the-menu jobs in Greece page.

Inspiring Learning runs a water sports and activity centre on the stunning white sandy beaches of L’Escala, Spain. They recruit tour reps, dinghy and windsurfing instructors.

Hook up your caravan or motor home for the role of site assistant on one of Camping in the Forest‘s 16 campsites. Duties include greeting customers as they arrive and checking them in, daily site checks, cleaning the toilet and shower blocks, using the reservations system and assisting in maintaining the site. Contracts are available from May until the end of August or September. Remuneration is given in pay and a pitch. The Camping and Caravanning Club advertises site assistant vacancies too but if you have been on one of their club tours then you might be the person they are looking for to lead a range of European and worldwide escorted tours. This role is ideally suited to retired couples or couples who enjoy flexible seasonal contracts.

Red Chilli Hideaway, a budget hotel and campsite in Uganda, are occasionally in need of management couples in Kampala and for their new lodge in Murchison Falls National Park. Management experience, excellent inter-personal skills, sound knowledge of book-keeping, computer literacy and experience of basic buildings maintenance are among the skills required.

The square spires of the Lutheran churches sprinkled throughout the landscape of the Barossa Valley are a testament to this Australian region’s strong German heritage. These German settlers bought their wine making skills with them to Australia when they fled from persecution in their homeland in the 1840s. Jacobs Creek, Yalumba and Wolf Blass are among the most famous names produced here. Harvest time is from late February to late April. Barossa Backpackers aids its occupants in finding work in the region.

Diverbo doesn’t use volunteers for their summer programme for teens, instead entrusting groups of eight to ten teenagers to be paid counsellors who expose the children to English through games, sports, theatre and other activities.

Zumba dance instructor, cookery teacher, rugby coach and magic school workshop instructor are just some of the roles available in Rolle and Gstaad with Summer Camps Le Rosey.

Ayia Napa’s WaterWorld employs qualified lifeguards to work on a rotation system to cover all the attractions in their waterpark. For this responsible position successful applicants should be team players aged over 18, hold a current National Pool Lifeguard Qualification or equivalent, and be able to speak English.  An application form is available on their website.

A popular destination for surfers, Morocco may offer surf jobs with Surf Camp Taghazout, Dfrost Almugar Surf House and Surf Berbere. Chris Stevens is one traveller who has worked for Surf Berbere. For a bit of inspiration on becoming a surf instructor you can read an interview with him. Chris has started a gap year booking service through which a number of instructor courses can be found via Ticket to Ride, for whom he also used to work.

NYQUEST do the hiring for over 50 summer camps in Canada via the Camp Canada programme. Total salaries of C$1400 for camp counsellors, C$1700 for support staff over the course of eight to ten weeks more than claw back the $650 placement fee. Over 21s get paid a bit more and returnees for a second season to the same camp have their fees waived.

The UK is dotted with activity centres hosting children and school groups of various ages. The websites of dozens of residential camp providers plus day camps and family activity holidays can be found via the British Activity Providers Association. Other camps in the UK with up to date recruitment pages include Robinwood, Ultimate Activity Camps, Go Ape, Walesby Forest, Stubbers Adventure Centre, Newland Adventure Centre, Llangorse Multi Activity Centre.

Animators encourage holidaymakers staying in hotels to have an active and enjoyable time during their vacations by putting on entertainment and sports programmes suitable to children, teenagers or adults. The activities lead by an animator vary according to the age groups they are aimed at but can be as diverse as calling out bingo numbers to putting on a cabaret show.  Agency Remarc’s multilingual animators come from various EU countries and are selected for their outgoing enthusiastic personality, experience, talent, skills and motivation. After successfully completing a training course they are placed in one of 70 Partner Hotels in Greece and Cyprus. Try also Acttiv Leisure, TMC, Cornucopia Club, Ralph’s World, and the Openwide Group. Spain, Egypt, Cyprus and Dubai are other popular destinations for animation jobs. Dutch company Wintour places animators in campsites and hotels in Italy.

Each year ISV hire numerous project and tour leaders for their volunteer teams on conservation or community development projects between May and September, and November and February. Recruitment for the May intake begins in late November.

Bovey Castle, in the UK’s Dartmoor National Park, invites applications for catering staff and seasonal positions.

You can take your previous restaurant experience to Dubai by joining Dish, a boutique catering and event management company. They hire wait staff, catering stewards, chefs and professional bartenders.

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Chalet jobs in Les Gets, a family friendly French village a few minutes away from the livelier Morzine, can be found with Rush Adventures, VIP Chalets, Reach 4 the Alps, Host Savoie and Mountain & Tradition. Hotel Christiania advertises its vacancies via JustJobs247.

Port Stanley’s Malvina House Hotel welcomes dedicated, enthusiastic people who are committed to offering the best levels of service to their guests to join their team. A work permit is required for any foreign national, working in the Falklands, including UK citizens. Elsewhere on East Falkland, Darwin House is occasionally in need of a management couple.

Language counsellors are taken on by LEOlingo during the German summer holidays to help German children learn a language, gaining confidence through games and activities.. Applicants should be native English, French or Spanish speakers.

Each year with the invaluable help of some 200 enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers The Pleasance stages one of the largest operations during the Edinburgh Fringe with two sites, 22 venues and over 200 shows taking place on any given day. Other Fringe jobs, including with the BBC, can be found on the official festival website.

The Tall Ships Youth Trust might have a few paid vacancies but most positions on tall ships are for volunteers. No experience is required to join the volunteer crew of the Kalmar Nyckel, the recreation of a vessel from 1625. Try also Morvargh Sailing Project, Appledore Tall Ships and Tall Ship Windy of Chicago. Classic Sailing has some advice on how to work in tall ships and might have some job vacancies too. On land, painters, carpenters, electricians and engineers are sought by the Jubilee Sailing Trust to help keep their vessels ship shape in ports in the UK or abroad.

French speakers can use the French national employment service, or this site to find hotel jobs in France.

Crocodile Dundee must have been self-taught as, surprisingly, for a country with a lot of wilderness, Australia doesn’t have much of a summer camp tradition. This is partly due to the summer school holidays falling over the Christmas period. Outdoor jobs in Australia and New Zealand are listed on AdventurePro.

Keeping it cool are Alaska Travel Adventures, Anacortes Kayak Tours and Southeast Sea Kayaks, who all hire sea kayaking instructors. Other Alaskan employers of people with paddles and associated staff include Miller’s Landing, Alaskan Mountain Guides, Sitka Sound Ocean Adventures, Pangaea Adventures, Sea Kayak Alaska, Adventure Sixty North, Sea Quest Expeditions and Mica Guides.

Working under the Caribbean Sea, in Mexico, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, are the instructors of Dressel Divers. They also have a dive centre in Spain. Along with the usual divemaster positions they advertise dive related jobs for outgoing people with previous hotel employment experience. English and a second language is a must and they value the following languages: German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian.

Don’t forget rivers and canals when looking for a job on water. The majority of crew working for European Waterways join as seasonal staff, with many returning year after year and some eventually going on to own their own hotel barges. Positions include tour guide, chef and host/ess. Le Boat is TUI’s canal cruising brand offering boating vacations across European destinations.  Viking Cruises trains and employs nearly 4000 English speaking crew worldwide. Most jobs are in the galley or housekeeping staff. CroisiEurope accepts CVs here. River based jobs may also be found through FleetPro or the RiverStar agency.

The Chautauqua Institution is a not for profit educational centre situated on the west side of the 20 mile long Lake Chautauqua in upper New York State. Teachers can apply to The annual Chautauqua Bell Tower Scholarship for funds to cover board, tuition, and lecture sessions for two to six weeks in the summer, along with a grant of £850 to go towards travel and in-country expenses.

Babylangues offers positions for native Anglophone speakers to join their team as language instructors, experiencing French life, language and culture first hand whilst earning a competitive wage. There is no minimum level of French required but applicants should have babysitting experience and be staying in France for a minimum of one semester. Native speakers from outside the EU will need a work permit.

RYA cruising instructors and skippers are taken on by Sail Ionian. For those that can’t sail but would still like to head out to Greece the company also hires a holiday sales advisor with good computer skills.

Harding Retail recruit and train professional personnel to operate the retail shops on board  57 luxury cruise ships throughout the world. Ship board retail sales staff and management are also hired by the Miami based Starboard Cruise Services. Dynamic individuals with strong sales experience and outstanding public speaking can find work as shopping presenters through PPI Group.

Finding a non teaching job in Japan isn’t easy, but this writer found bar work in Yokohama’s sex district.

Despite being a bit of scruffy layabout I got a score of 27 on the Carnival Career Self-Assessment test at, suggesting I can at least fake having a passion for service and the energy to bring fun to life every day. In reality a top class resume is needed to prise open the door to a shipboard job. Carnival’s UK recruitment site also represents their P&O Cruises and Cunard brands. Other brands in the group include Princess, Costa, and Seabourn, the last of which are reported to employ a high ratio of staff to guests.

Everything needed to know about getting started in boating can be found within the pages of the RYA, the UK’s national governing body for all forms of boating including windsurfing and power boating. Along with information on becoming a coach or instructor the site has a jobs page with a selection of current vacancies in the UK and abroad. Canadians can find similar information and jobs listings on the website of Sail Canada, their own national authority on the subject.

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Green Rides Ski & Snowboard Holidays have used JAB to find chalet couples to host their catered chalets in La Rosiere in the French Alps, and another couple to do airport and in-resort transfers, ski fitting and ski hosting and general liaison with clients. They also have chalets in Val d’Isere and should they not be looking for season workers at this particular moment their list of bars and restaurants in the area might be useful. Wannabe seasonaires can improve your chances of finding work by enrolling in their cookery school.

Most tutors working at the English Camp Company are university students from English speaking countries. They should be over 18, outgoing, organised, energetic and responsible and preferably able to stay the whole summer in Italy. Alice in Città is another option.

WorldTeach, who have summer and year long programs in several countries including American Samoa, Colombia and South Arica, employ Summer Program Coordinators in China, Ecuador and Poland. For instance, the Ecuador Summer Program Coordinator is a full time, short term seasonal position responsible for the day to day management of the WorldTeach’s summer program in Ecuador. The SPC receives a round trip flight from the US and $750 per month with accommodation provided through the hosting schools, likely in a dorm room or guest house. The applicant should speak Spanish, have teaching experience, preferably EFL/ESL, and be familiar with living in South America and with international teaching or volunteer programs, such as the Peace Corps.

The Spanish Work Exchange Programme offers hotel internships on the Canary Islands. They hotels pay pocket money and provide accommodation and meals. Contact S-W-E-P for more information. The placement fee at the time of writing is €390.

Young professionals eager to develop within the tourism industry are welcome to apply for any opening in the Lima office of Latin America For Less, a US incorporated inbound travel agency for travellers from the English speaking world.

French speakers may be able to find work in colonies de vacances, part of the state education system inspired by America’s summer camps. Visit for a list of available jobs. I’ve linked to the French pages of these sites because if you need to translate the page like I did you probably aren’t going to get the gig anyway.

Funding is available for young people interested in experiencing sailing in a Tall Ships Race. Sail Training International has created a bursary scheme in partnership with the Sultanate of Oman to provide opportunities to trainees who need additional support. Around 100 people are given an award up to €500 each year.

Viking Recruitment handles the staffing needs for the cruise ship and superyacht sector, including for Seabourn.

EEC-Anglo offer the chance to talk your way into a seven day holiday on the Turkish Riviera. Full board accommodation in a three star hotel in Fethiye is provided in exchange for exposing their Turkish students to the English language. More information at

BSAC, SSI and NAUI all provide scuba diving qualifications but PADI is by far the most popular dive training organisation. Once qualified, PADI’s dive shop locator can be used to find potential employers. Open jobs, arranged by country, are posted to, and a few current vacancies are occasionally added to Divers Jobs.

Two of the biggest websites for finding tourism work are TUI Travel and Holidaybreak, who between them funnel the recruitment for several holiday brands including Thomson, First Choice, JCA, Sunsail, PGL and Eurocamp. Two more big tour operators are the Monarch Group and Club Med.

A smart title for an unsophisticated chore of a job, the plongeur essentially does the washing up. Foreign languages are generally unnecessary - if you could speak French you wouldn't have fallen for the fancy job title, would you? YSE hire four plongeurs in Val d’Isère, combining the role with chauffeuring their guests around the French ski resort.

Guests flocked to Six Flags Over Texas when the park opened in 1961. They have since grown to 15 parks in North America, employing nearly 35,000 people on their rides, restaurants, entertainments, animal attractions, accommodation and stores. A dedicated careers site handles their recruitment.

Though not as organised as its American equivalent workamping, working for wages or a pitch is the done thing on campsites in Europe too. None of the following campsites in France mention it on their websites but we have seen each one advertising for volunteers to work for a few hours a day in the summer months in exchange for a pitch, electricity, and perhaps a few other perks: Camping de Montréal, Camping de la Bastide, Camping La Vallée des Vignes, Letang Bleu, Fonclaire, and Camping Pors Peron. Chateau de Lacomte Country Club, a four star adult only touring park in the Dordogne, may also have a few paid jobs for beauty therapists. More campsites in Europe can be found via

Short contracts are available throughout the year on mini cruises to Spain for ballroom couples. See Boogie Management for more information.

Ibiza Spotlight has been providing information about the island since 1976 and since 1999 online. They are always looking for ambitious and skilled employees who are dedicated to Ibiza and interested in supporting the island, including from budding or junior writers, programmers and sales representatives.

Pueblo Ingles is well known to working travellers for using English speaking volunteers to help create a fully English speaking environment in Spain. Paired up with Spanish students all the volunteers have to do is wander the streets of the village, eat three course meals and enjoy a few glasses of wine, all the time creating an immersive experience for their partner by talking in English the whole time.

Snow loving wait staff, chefs, receptionists, breakfast hosts and bar tenders can each find a place in Switzerland’s Ski Lodge Engelberg. Most positions require German and English. Hotel Hoheneck may also have some vacancies.

Yacht jobs can be found with MedSailors and Sunsail, the last of which is part of the TUI Group. Their flotillas operate in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, St Vincent, the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands.

A big hitter in the gap year industry is Projects Abroad. Sending over 10,000 volunteers to 27 developing countries each year they recruit year round for volunteer coordinators to join their overseas teams. They provide board and lodging, flights and work related expenses, along with a local salary.

Don’t ignore the Pyrenees when looking for work in a European ski resort. Transitions Abroad has some information on working in Andorra.

Each spring, summer and autumn Maine’s Wolfe’s Neck Farm hire seasonal educators, from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, including the natural sciences, agriculture, humanities, and education to deliver authentic and engaging farm-based education experiences to children ages four to 14.

Ocean Images aims to offer cruise lines the finest photographic services available. Photographers that are available for an eight month continuous contract are paid a commission and should have a sound understanding of DSLR photographic techniques and a basic knowledge of studio photography. Previous experience in sales and customer service and a smart appearance, free from visible tattoos and piercings are other requirements. Video operators are hired too.

The Edinburgh International Festival adds to its staff in the run up and over the course of the festival itself. Positions are mainly in the technical department, artist liaison, press office and ticketing services. As they become available, vacancies are advertised here.

The E3 Group get one of their team to write about what they get up to as an entertainer in Mallorca.

South of France’s Campsite La Romiguière has advertised with us in the past for interns/trainees, aged around 19, to help and participate with campsite activities including bar, restaurant and animations. There’s a completion bonus paid of a few hundred Euros, along with food and accommodation.

From selling soft toys to dressing up as the face of the company, Disney can help pay the bills racked up on a year out. The mighty mouse is prevalent on the high seas, in Europe, America and elsewhere.

The failed attempt to sell a field of pumpkins by an unconventional UK farmer led to the Shocktober Fest each Halloween, just one of the scary work options in the UK at this time of year.

The four to six week long harvest in Mildura supplies 80 per cent of Victoria’s grape production.12,000 workers are needed during this time to bring in the crops while other harvests, particularly citrus and vegetables also attract fruit picking labour the rest of the year. Many farmers in the area can be relied on to provide accommodation to workers.

Mature couples can get in on the act of working abroad. If you are free from May to September, active, fit, and enjoy an outdoor life enquire with KelAir Campotel about their courier roles for their campsites in France.

Fueteventura, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, is a popular surf spot. One company to approach for work is Flag Beach, who hires kite, windsurf and surf instructors, along with linguistically skilled (Spanish, German, Italian or French plus English) assistant managers. They also take on beach hands. Experience is an advantage but not necessary. We have also seen the nearby Surfers Island, a German company, advertising for kitesurfing instructors and catamaran hosts. More wassersport arbeiten for German speakers can be had by joining the Freshsurf team.

In2Action recruit over 300 seasonal staff each year to work on European campsites, overseas hotels, UK holiday parks and boarding schools. Positions include activity couriers, skateboard instructors and daytime entertainers.

SOAR is a boarding school, camp, and gap year programme providing experiential education, life skills development and adventure to those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and/or learning disabilities. Trip leaders and activity specialists can find work with them in Wyoming and North Carolina.

The Moorings, TUI’s marine brand in the USA, may have some crew positions on their luxury crewed yachts.

Fees and pocket money varies among organisations placing counsellors with summer camps in the USA but the following details from an advert placed in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin by Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing will give an idea of what to expect:
– Up to $2100.00 in camp wages (up to $1000.00 more than other camp staffing company)
– Application fees of only 165GBP (less than any other camp company)
– UK support staff on hand in America all summer to help you out
– All food and accommodation included while at camp
– Up to a month to travel around the USA when done at camp
– Constant support and assistance from knowledgeable staff during the application process.

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Around 25 people from other EU countries supplement the local labour force picking strawberries and peas in Denmark. Work starts in June for five to eight weeks. A tent and camping equipment is needed and payment is according to the amount of fruit picked. As a bonus, here is The Definitive Guide to Strawberry Picking in Scandinavia.

Butchers and bakers, but not candlestick makers, can ply their trades on the ocean with Celebrity Cruises, a Miami based cruiseline operating around Europe, the Pacific, Alaska and the Caribbean.

Crete’s Anastasia Hotel is just one of the many hotels on the island that provides entertainment to its guests. Their animators keep the kids amused for four hours a day and adults for another three, with Sundays off. Experience in animation for children or working in children’s club in Hotels before is appreciated, as is experience in easy evening games like bingo, quizzes and karaoke. Here’s another 24 hotels on the island that provide entertainment.

Want to experience Thailand but want it wetter? Then visit in the middle of April and plunge into the biggest water fight in the world as Thailand and neighbouring countries celebrate their New Year. Alternatively head off to Siam Park, a Thai themed waterpark on Tenerife. The recruitment page is blank on the English language site but as speaking Spanish will help any application anyway, pop along to the Spanish language version for the relevant information. Similarly, though EU nationals have as much right to work there, the jobs page for Tripsdrill, Germany’s oldest theme park, opened in 1929, will only be of use to those that can speak and read German. Ditto Austria’s Area 47.

This German bed and breakfast in Karlsruhe welcomes those that work and travel to join their team for a few months in return for room, food, German lessons and a small wage.

For a trip leader job in India or Latin America contact LeapNow.

The Seattle based Sailing Heritage Foundation donates thousands of trips to seriously ill children, cancer patients and at-risk families. These cruises are operated by volunteer captains and volunteer crew. Other worthy sailing in Washington State can be had with the Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation and Sound Experience. In the other Washington, DC Sail take on volunteer sailing instructors.

Qualified yacht skippers are recruited by the Florida based adventure sailing company, Actionquest. They operate in around a dozen locations around the world, including the Med, Australia and the British Virgin Islands. They also hire PADI certified scuba instructors whose job description includes helping with the cooking, cleaning and sailing. Most of their staff are US citizens, though a wide range of nationalities are represented every year. Fewer opportunities exist for support staff but a few roles may be available to those with significant sailing experience. Elsewhere in the Caribbean Broadreach recruit skippers to leading ten to 12 students through all aspects of life aboard a sailboat.

Numerous smaller cruise lines ply the sea lanes, usually focusing on a specific region or a niche market. Azamara Club Cruises, for instance, sells the idea that its two smaller ships are able to discover the hidden corners of the world that larger cruise ships cannot reach. Silversea has a similar ethos but their larger fleet is staffed by 1600 shipboard employees. The Galapogas Islands, Alaska Inside Passage, Mexico, Hawaii, Columbia River and the Pacific Northwest are the destinations of Un-Cruise Adventures, who concentrate on wilderness, wildlife, and exploration; or history, tours, and wine. Onboard jobs are seasonal with work rotations of approximately six weeks on, two weeks off.

For over 40 years NatureBridge has provided residential environmental education programmes in multiple national parks and recreation areas in the US. They might have some seasonal positions environmental science educators, interns and support staff, such as kitchen assistants.

A typical Adventure Treks programme has 6 instructors leading 24 students in activities including backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and kayaking, canoeing, sea kayaking, mountain biking, ice climbing, ziplining, and caving. They operate in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, and Alaska, as well as over the border in British Colombia. To find similar vacancies with other companies go through the listings at Backdoor Jobs and Coolworks.

Since Collett’s, a small independent mountain walking holiday specialist, started in 1998 they have employed an artist in their resort to offer informal watercolour tuition to their guests. There is more to the role than painting though, as you will be helping with the domestic chores that are required to keep their properties running efficiently, such as cleaning, tending to window boxes and buying wine.

Founded in 2006 by Marco Kasel, a drummer and musical director, Oceanbound Entertainments takes on orchestra musicians, cover bands, solo pianists, solo guitarists, one-man bands, Caribbean bands and classical string ensembles, as well as jugglers, magicians, singers, instrumentalists and comedians, for work on cruise ships. More options can be had from Lime Entertainment, Karen Maybury Creative Connections, and Belinda King Creative Productions.

Hostel Jobs, Hostel Management, and The Hostel Worker all put their particular slant on the hostel business and how to get a job in it. Of the three Hostel Jobs is almost solely made up of jobs available and jobs wanted in hostels. A smattering of other travel jobs are listed here too. Hostel Management also uses a forum format to list employment and work exchange opportunities, but there is so much more here for those catering to the needs of backpackers. The Hostel Worker, which began as a Facebook page, has more the style of a travel blog, as befits a site run by a long term traveller turned chronic hostel worker.

Camp Adventure also runs camps in Germany, Austria and Ireland. They pay a small remuneration, along with board and accommodation, to their cooks and counsellors. Teachers and university students living or staying in Budapest are invited to apply to work at Funside‘s camps in Budapest and beside Lake Balaton.

Helping Hands employ carers from over 50 countries for their clients in England and Wales. Living in the client’s home you’ll be there to offer help with personal care, often help with mobility, and keep up with household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.

OnboardOnline provides insights and advice for getting into the yachting industry worldwide, accompanied by a useful jobs board. Other recruitment websites for yachts and superyachts include Dockwalk, and New vacancies are added every day to Yotspot.

Arco Largo mediates training placements in the sports, leisure and tourism industries in The Algarve, though participants are required to pay a sliding scale fee.

Working in Australia or New Zealand on a Tourist Visa usually involves keeping one step ahead of the increasingly active men and women from the immigration department. One way to avoid all that trouble and of keeping a big black stain off of your passport (if caught) is to work for your keep on a farm.

Happy Charter has a list of crewed yachts for hire around the world. The site is aimed at consumers but sailors can easily adapt it to a job search tool. Another site that could be used for leads is Yachtico.

Blue Ventures, a marine conservation organisation, list their staffing needs here.

We once spotted Kima Bali Safaris looking to recruit a female surf guide - with two seasons’ experience and a surf teacher licence - to balance the penis heavy dynamic of their current staff.  Another company we spotted at the same time preferring a staff member with lady parts was Nomad Surf Resorts. That position was in Portugal but the company also has resorts in Spain and Indonesia and a recruitment page expressing an interest in other staff, including bar tenders, boat captains, au pairs, chefs, massage therapists and yoga instructors. Wave Sisters also prefer females to staff their yoga and surf camps for girls in Portugal, Spain and France. Another surf camp for girls in Portugal is Chicks on Waves.

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Don’t discount smaller vessels when looking for cruise jobs on commercial boats. Rum Jungle is a luxury motor yacht based in London that sometimes requires experienced stewards and stewardesses for tours around the south coast of England and northern Europe.

The extra luxury concerned with glamping can add additional services than might be expected in traditional camping. We have seen Tipi Algarve, to give one example, advertising for volunteer yoga and massage therapists. Free food and accommodation along with a percentage split on therapies was offered in return. Run a few of the listings on through a search engine to locate more potential employers.

UK registered international youth development charity Latitude organise overseas volunteering placements from three to 12 months in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific, North America and Europe for young people aged 17 to 25. They state they are always looking for volunteers to help with a wide number of activities, both in the UK and abroad.

The largest wine producing area in New South Wales (and second in Australia), the alluvial soils surrounding the cities of Wagga Wagga, Griffith and Albury have helped many working travellers top up their travel funds in Riverina.

A Pro-Ex football tour is all about getting a taste of the life of a professional footballer. They provide groups with access to the training facilities and professional coaching staff at some of the best football clubs in the world. Check in on their jobs page to see if they need a group leader.

The Monte Verde Butterfly Garden, an environmental education centre in Costa Rica, seeks enthusiastic volunteer guides to lead one and a half hour tours around the centre. Volunteer guides are expected to give up to four tours per day, help at reception, and perform general maintenance duties. The minimum stay at the butterfly garden is two months with one day off each week. Your working week will be rewarded with three squares and a bed.

Applications to Seafarer to work as flotilla skippers, watersports instructors and hostesses should be submitted in January. They run beach clubs on Kos and Lefkas and sailing holidays in Greece, Turkey and Croatia. Try also Island Sailing. In 2015 this British run family owned company were also offering up to 100% funding to gain a cruising instructor qualification followed by a position with them. Fingers crossed they do this again for other seasons.

Major League Soccer side, the New York Red Bulls recruits coaches to join their community based training programmes at a grassroots level. Employment is available from March to November for qualified candidates with at least two years youth soccer coaching experience.

Turner Barr says getting gainful employment when you don’t hold an EU passport can be difficult, though not impossible. He presents 9 tips for getting a job in Spain to his fellow Americans.

Hanging around a marina looking for a berth on a yacht is still a thing but the internet has long helped to match crewless boats with boatless crew. Crewbay provides a free service connecting professional and amateur crew with boats worldwide. Floatplan is a free to join forum for asking advice and finding boats. Sailors in America may find Latitude 38’s crew lists useful.

Surf Camp usually has year round, surf instructor jobs, along with seasonal summer camp positions. They also recruit trip leaders for Barbados, California, Costa Rica, or Hawai.

The CREES Foundation has for the past decade been training volunteers in conservation research and sustainable community initiatives in the Peruvian Amazon. Their volunteer programme - for which from time to time they hire an instructor (degree educated, with a minimum of two years in the field of education and at least four months experience living and working in tropical rainforest environment) - actively trains and educates up to 16 volunteers each month to become knowledgeable, engaged and positive agents for change. The 12 month contract pays $10k per annum with basic food and accommodation provided in Cusco (10% of time) and the Manu Learning Centre in the Peruvian Amazon (90% of time).

Childcarers can live in Australia for up to 12 months under a Working Holiday visa through AuPairCare’s au pair programme in Australia. Programme fees are payable only after you and one of their registered host families decide to match with each other.

Swiss shipping company Scylla AG mostly employs Dutch nationals but other Europeans are welcome to apply too. Their ships travel on European rivers and canals from the end of March to the end of October. In the winter they are used as hotel ships during trade fairs as well as for Christmas cruises. Depending on their function crew members live in large single to three bed cabins, have a comfortable crew room and get all their food on board. Try also Uniworld, who employ 500 staff aboard their ten ship fleet.

Cold Fusion Chalets is largest operator of singles ski and solo snowboard holidays in the French Alps, promising a family and child free environment in all of their ski chalets in Chamonix, Morzine and Les Houches. There’s no employment information on their site but their staffing requirements and rewards are profiled on JustJobs247.

Take a look at for harvest Jobs around the World.

Carisma holidays are an independent family run business that has been providing luxury beach holidays to France for the last 30 years. They look for responsible site managers, couriers and children’s couriers to take a summer job in France with them from early May to late September.

A big list of worldwide watery jobs is available to UKSA graduates. The vacancies when we looked included a chef wanted for a private motor yacht on a three month cruise between Italy and Spain, a couple to run a 50ft catamaran in Guadeloupe, Voluntary crew for the summer season on a 120ft gaff rigged tall ship, delivering a yacht from Antigua to South Carolina, and a water taxi driver wanted in Yarmouth.

Spend the summer leading, teaching, and inspiring teenagers while traveling to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. That’s part of the deal offered to summer trip leaders by Adventures Cross-Country. The first year leader salary ranges from $1000 to $1600 depending on the length and number of trips you lead. All living and travel expenses will be paid for while working for ARCC.

Organised and efficient with a head for numbers are the key requirements of Powder White’s assistant resort managers, the vital lynch-pin between each of the company’s dozen resorts and head office in London.

KE Adventure Travel state they are always on the lookout for top quality people to work with their groups, as trekking, climbing or biking tour leaders. They look for people that are keen, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, personable, sympathetic, decisive, diplomatic, well organised, sensitive to the needs of others, good at trouble shooting, and interested to provide the best travel experience possible for their clients. Ideally, you should be over the age of 21, with an outgoing personality and a positive approach to life.

Nicaragua’s Puerto Sandino Surf Resort has a job page. More jobs in dream locations might be had with Aquasail (Goa), Constantly Kiting (South Africa), Silver Sands (Maldives), Zanzibar Kite Paradise, Dare2Fly Cabarete (Dominican Republic), and The JT Pro Center (St. Vincent and the Grenadines).

Club Europe, who specialise in school music tours, recruit tour managers on an ad-hoc basis. Playing a musical instrument, singing or performing experience are among the requirements to fill their vacancies. Concert tours run all year with the busiest periods being during the spring and summer seasons, making these positions suitable for students and teachers wishing to work during holiday periods.

Summer camps have been present in Canada for over a century. Today there are around 800 residential and day camps in Canada, with the bulk of them found in Ontario. As is common in the USA there are two roles to be filled in Canadian camps: camp counsellor and support staff. Applicants applying via CCUSA can come from any country but must be aged 19 to 27 (though 18 year olds may be accepted).

If you want to teach people to sail in Dubai, then the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is the place to get a job as a dinghy instructor. We spotted them advertising here and while most jobs listed on this site were of the non-instructor variety a few such positions are posted from time to time. With a large population of expat workers and next to no tradition of watersports centres there is a good chance some of the companies listed in the directory of Outdoor UAE will also require staff. For example Al Mahara Diving Centre were advertising for a boat driver and watersports guide, who should be fluent in English and available for longer term employment as a work visa for the UAE will be applied for.

Volunteer staff working for Costa Rica based Tropical Adventures are unpaid, though a performance based end of term bonus may be paid for some positions.

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InternChina has a handy page of scholarships in China available to students from the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany and France.

TrekAmerica offers small group adventure tours for a younger international crowd who want to experience North America. They start hiring tour leaders for the following season in October. All applicants must have the legal right to work in the United States or Canada, be at least 23 years of age, have a clean driving record, good communication skills and a keen interest in meeting people from all over the world. Windigo are a smaller outfit specialising in the USA and Canada.

We can thank Turner Barr for spotting these jobs with Sail Croatia for photographers, videographers and onboard representatives.

Ocean Dimensions hires well groomed multi lingual PADI dive instructors to work in the Maldives. You should have your own complete set of diving equipment, teaching slates and professional dive insurance. For jobs above the waters off the Maldives try Indian Ocean Sports.

For a fee, Appellation Controlee matches grape pickers with farmers in France.

Each trip for Bold Earth Teen Adventures includes one male and one female trip leader who are at least 21 years old, mature, fun, knowledgeable, caring and awesome. Moondance Adventures also fill a limited number of positions with leaders possessed of solid wilderness experience, past experience working with teenagers and strong communication skills.

Other people’s children provide a way for girls (and sometimes boys) to stay away from home for longer. A new destination for au pairs is China, where a growing middle class are starting to want western child carers for their status and ability to impart their language to junior.

Are you a quick thinking, hands on, proactive, practical person, with the ability to communicate and deal with people of all ages and different cultural backgrounds? If yes, Expat Explore, a tour company founded by a couple of young South African expats, might take you on as a tour leader. Previous tour guide experience will be beneficial, but is not a key requirement.

Wine tourism in Australia’s Margaret River region got off to a grand start in 1985 when the London Philharmonic Orchestra was invited to perform in the vineyard of the Leeuwin Estate. This annual event has since seen performances by Shirley Bassey and Ray Charles. Working travellers should turn up to help bring in the grape harvest from February to April and perhaps stick around for winter pruning jobs in July and August.

Sixth formers and A-level students can gain work experience in Europe with Acorn Educational Exchanges.

International students in Asia no longer miss out on their outdoor education thanks to a Hong Kong based company called Outdoor Education Asia. Dragonfly also hires large numbers of senior instructors - each with a university degree, fluency in English, advanced first aid or higher and over two years’ experience in outdoor education – to work predominantly in China but also elsewhere in East and Southeast Asia.

For watersports jobs view the listings at Blue Dome.Though most of the jobs offered here are in the chilly waters surrounding the UK, a few foreign postings can be found here too.

ThePOOSH,org (People’s Organization on Sustainable Housing) is a free to join website listing sustainable build projects around the world. Think of it of it as an off the grid couch surfing where you are encouraged to join in. In return for volunteer help, self-build project hosts offer food, accommodation and share sustainable self-build techniques. Join up at

Approximately 1,100 foreign language assistants work for eight to nine months each year in schools in Germany. Their role is to support subject teachers in teaching modern foreign languages, particularly English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Assistants receive €800 per month. Participants from the USA are also refunded their travel expenses.

Croatia’s Camp California programme offers six to nine week contracts teaching skills - including archery, tennis, football, American football, dance, snorkelling, woodwork, digital photography and music – to children at an American summer camp transplanted to the Adriatic coast. Staff from most countries are classified as volunteers under a cultural exchange programme and can work on a tourist visa. Pocket money starts at €130 per week plus room and board for first time counsellors depending on age, education and qualifications.

Leading a high school programme for Global Routes generally involves a three-to-six-week commitment (late June through mid-August) as well as attending a ten day orientation prior to departure in mid to late June. These are co-leadership positions: two leaders, typically one man and one woman, lead a group of up to eighteen high school students.

In return for a first year leader salary of $1800, leaders for Wilderness Adventures are contracted for one to three trips ranging from one to four weeks each. Leader responsibilities include supervision of meal planning, keeping a daily expedition journal, managing trip funds, and organising activities and games in the evening. Leaders and students participate in a wide variety of activities including mountain climbs, rock climbing, sea kayaking, kayaking, ice climbing, canyoneering, sailing, snorkelling, SCUBA diving and trekking, and while experience in these activities is helpful it is not required.

Hundreds of superyacht jobs are advertised via yaCrew but if, like Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider in Jaws, you think you are going to need a bigger boat, their sister website deals with cruise ship jobs.

Some recruitment websites to browse for hotel jobs are HotelCareer,com, HotelJobs, and Euro Hotel Jobs.

You don’t need money, skills or qualifications to take part in ICS, a UK government funded development programme that brings together 18 to 25 year olds from all backgrounds to fight poverty in overseas and UK communities. Placements are made through ICS partner organisations, each of which has their own objectives in selected developing countries around the world.

If you have been on a Free & Easy trip to Southeast Asia, Central America or Europe, they invite you to pique their hiring guru’s interest with a video introduction.

You will need more than just the accent these days to land a job behind an Irish bar but this Irish Pubs Directory could be an invaluable resource in your job search. In Austria, for instance, try The Three Tells in Interlaken.

In the Middle East, Ecoventure run three summer camps in the UAE. Apply via this application form.

Founded in 1908, the Cruising Association is one Britain's leading organisation for cruising sailors with more than 5000 members across the globe. For £20 per year (£30 for couples living at the same address) they put skippers and crew in touch with each other. Crewseekers International is another preinternet crew matching service that has moved online. They have plenty of great Crewing opportunities that can be browsed for free but membership, starting at £70, is required to contact skippers. Try also

The Available Jobs Listings on the Living in Indonesia expat forums may unearth a few vacancies.

The Amadeus Association provides German language courses, vocational training and work experience programmes throughout Austria. If you are willing to dig into their muddled website you may find more information about internships for young workers and graduates, including a work experience course especially for ski and snowboard instructors.

Woods, who run coach tours to European destinations, take on bus drivers on fixed term contracts with guaranteed hours from March to October.

Hard working, friendly, professional and committed people can receive free tours to European festivals and events by joining the Pillow Adventure Travel Company team as ground crew, tour cooks, leaders and managers. The work is unpaid but crew receive subsidised travel and free accommodation, two free meals a day and free time to enjoy the festivals once your work is done.

Siblu run 15 holidays villages in France in need of various staff including lifeguards, drivers, receptionists and accommodation team members.

The American-Scandinavian Foundation Training Program offers training opportunities in Scandinavia for Americans aged 21 and over. Short-term placements of two to three months during the summer are possible for students majoring in certain fields, principally engineering, chemistry, business, and computer science. TEFOL positions are also available in Finland for the academic year. The ASF also assists those who have arranged their own jobs in obtaining the necessary work permits. Scandinavians can also get training in the US.

If you are better at using a computer than a microphone Thomas Cook may still have a role for you as an administrator on their overseas team. Their administrators work everywhere from Thailand to Tunisia, Greece to Spain, helping to make everything in resort run smoothly.

The Beijing Sailing Center sometimes seeks yachting, dinghy sailing, windsurfing and kayaking instructors, with good English, with a preference given to multi-activity instructors.

For more than 25 years, AIFS has been organizing cultural immersion experiences in the USA through its Au Pair in America programme. Au pairs travel to the US on the J-1 Visitor Exchange visa, live with an American family and provide care to the family's children. Au Pair in America recruits candidates from Europe, South Africa, the Americas, New Zealand, the Middle East and Asia.

Switzerland is a popular place to hold summer camps and, as befits a nation best known for skiing holidays, winter camps too. Several similar organisations are listed in this post we added to The Working Traveller. A language learning element usually coexists alongside the outdoor activities so native English speakers are particularly in demand, though recent Swiss employment legislation has blocked the chance of jobs for non-Europeans.

Ascott hotel brands are found in a couple of dozen countries globally. They invite enquiries about internships.

The YMCA has a few camps run by volunteers welcoming international visitors wanting to experience the Australian camp scene.

Mark Warner open their summer recruitment in January. Successful applicants will find themselves working in one of seven Mediterranean resorts. If you feel like you’ve got what it takes to work for one of Europe’s leading tour operators then they want to hear from you.

Vacansoleil offers jobs and traineeships at 430 campsites in 16 countries in Europe, searchable via this map. Positions include gardening and maintenance, montage and demontage, courier, management, restaurant, reception, and entertainment jobs.

You are a blogger in Asia and you want to get from A to B. 12Go Asia, a new online booking service, provide free blogger tickets if you write about them, even in the dull and boring style of Hemingway (they appear to be more fans of Dostoevsky).

For Global Leadership Adventures, who run international volunteer programmes for teens, students are guided by mentors and international directors from the USA, Canada and UK. Staff should have a bachelor’s degree, a minimum of three years of experience teaching in a classroom or alternative education setting with teens, and extensive international travel experience.

Halsbury Travel organise group, student and school travel by coach and by air to most countries in Western Europe. Their group leaders should be over 21 and fluent in French, German, Spanish and/or Italian. In return for being a group leader you will receive an allowance payment starting from £100 (dependent on type and length of trip), half board accommodation, full medical and travel insurance, return transportation and social activities.

According to The Telegraph’s North America River Cruise Guide, North America is limited in its number of cruisable rivers. In the USA, spelling bee favourite the Mississippi hogs the headlines thanks both to its length and the writing of Mark Twain. Companies with boats on this river include the African Queen Steamboat Company and American Cruise Lines, for which hiring managers travel the USA. Interviews are held across the nation and onboard careers include dishwashers, painters, chefs, managers and launch operators. ACL’s ships are US registered so all shipboard employees must be able to legally work in the United States. St Lawrence Cruise Lines may have staffing needs in Canada.

The Pension Gimmelwald is a small family run hotel in the heart of the Berner Oberland, in the Swiss Alps. They often use our Jobs Abroad Bulletin to look for someone for the summer to support the manager in covering reception, kitchen back-up, and housekeeping and bar work; all the roles involved in running a small 12 bedroom hotel. They have a small team and expect everybody to be hands on. The hotel is English owned and interviews are held in London.

FrogPubs need help pulling some of the one million pints of bitter, lager, wheat beer, ginger, spicy and fruit beers served each year in their English pubs across France. Popular with expats and anglophiles, each FrobPub has its own microbrewery producing beers with names like Inseine, Dark le Triomphe and Parislytic to accompany restaurant food and British sports on the TV. Working in an expat bar in France is no longer just about having the right accent: competition is tougher with bars seeing many more applications than they used to. These tips should help.  The locations and websites of numerous expat bars in Paris and other cities in Europe and America can be found through Party Earth.

Got a blog? Perhaps you could trade your advertising space for accommodation. We did.

Rockley have jobs in the UK and France and emphasis the training they offer to new staff wanting to progress as activity instructors, particularly for watersports.

The Mission Bay Aquatic Center regularly hires for several positions pertaining to the operation of its classes – which include wakeboarding, sailing, surfing and windsurfing - though some roles may require that the applicant be a student of San Diego State University or University of California San Diego. For more surfing jobs in the same part of America try San Diego Surf School.

Travel for Teens hire English speaking staff from around the world to lead their trips. Among the roles is that of senior counselor, each of which are graduates, aged 24 and over, and either natives of one of their destination countries or have spent significant time studying a foreign language and culture outside of the US.

Totalnannies have been advertising their au pair vacancies in our Jobs Abroad Bulletin for decades. Most, but not all, of their positions are in Italy. Euroma also focus their au pair placing efforts on Rome.

Maison Claire Fontaine is a French language and activity centre for UK schools in the Burgundian countryside. They sometimes look for enthusiastic young people aged 19 to 25 to join their team and support French language teachers in lessons and during activities and excursions. Other responsibilities include cleaning and washing duties as well as some maintenance tasks. The position is ideal for gap year students either before or after University as well as those considering a future career in teaching.

If you are brimming with ideas for fun and mayhem, you will make a great apprentice Al Fresco children’s club rep, looking after the kids in an Al Fresco campsite letting off steam away from Mum and Dad.

The AKZENT hotel family is strong across Germany (with one or two hotels in Austria and Poland too). Current positions within their privately run hotels are listed in German on the careers page.

Exclusive Ballooning is an aerial marketing company that has worked on the England 2018 Football World Cup bid, flown a balloon under Tower Bridge for Disney Pixar, flown over Mt Everest, and got their client’s balloons into Red Square and alongside the Great Wall of China. They are inviting interest for trainee hot air balloon ground crew, even if you have never seen a balloon before. Reliability is crucial and ideally you will be over 25 with a clean driving license. France Montgolfières, who arrange balloon flights for tourists in France, has an employment page. Though it was empty when we last looked we have seen ground crew vacancies there in the past. For an idea of what you might be getting into, Malcolm Philcox explains the role of the ground crew in hot air ballooning.

International Disaster Volunteers are particularly interested to hear from people with specific skills and experience, including engineering, construction, media and communications and disaster management. Register your interest with to see if your skills match their current needs.

I doubt flipping burgers are many people’s idea of a dream career but McDonalds and Burger King are two of the most visible worldwide businesses you can find. 

Royal Caribbean only takes on those that can deliver the wow for its diverse range of shipboard positions, including baristas, pool attendants, printers, broadcast technicians and dive instructors.

Hampshire Hospitality is one of the largest hotel groups in the Benelux countries. For housekeeping roles it is preferable to speak Dutch, especially as their jobs page is in that language.

ThaIntro, a small company we didn’t know much about until now, specialise in short group backpacking trips around Thailand led by a group leader, who should be able to combine the fun, energy and responsibility needed to deal with the young party crowd their tours attract. While checking out their reviews we also discovered TruTravels offering a similar service in Thailand, Nepal and Cambodia.

At Balkan Holidays, they are always interested in talking to talented individuals who want to make a real difference to the company and enhance the holiday experience of their clients. Send your CV in English along with a detailed covering letter and they will keep your details on record in case any new opportunities arise.

“As the glue of The Experiment’s programs, group leaders make many things happen at the same time - we are teachers, mentors, friends, and coaches,” says Ariana Chomitz, who lead a group in Korea for The Experiment in International Living. Group leaders should have a bachelor’s degree, leadership experience working with high school students, experience studying and living overseas and competence in the language of the host country.

The website of Belgium’s Skiten International summer tennis camps doesn’t have an employment page – though there is some information on their instructors - but they do employ international staff who teach French, English or Dutch in their native language. Speaking a bit of French and some experience working with children is helpful.

They do not have a recruitment page but Activity Yachting is one company that have been seen recruiting for flotilla skippers and sailing instructors to work between mid April to the middle of October in Croatia.

Get Paid to Travel


Enthusiastic and fun ESL teachers can have an adventure in Almaty, Kazakhstan thanks to Green Hills British Kindergarten. Their package includes a flight to the country, accommodation provided and 18 weeks paid holiday, along with a competitive salary. There’s a ski resort 20 minutes away.

Cyclists, triathletes or trail runners that would like to train in Spain, but also have some work at a cycling and triathlon training centre, may find a place within the small team of Girona Cycling. Everyone mucks in and the job itself can be anything from serving breakfast, chatting to guests about routes, helping with meal times, vacuuming the pool, gardening and cleaning.

Happy Camp provide campsite holidays in Italy, Spain, France, Austria, Hungary and Slovenia for clients from all over Europe. Interviews for park managers are held in January and February across the UK. Assistant park managers are also hired.

Volunteering - whether on expenses or as a regular volunteer - can be a good way to doorstep a paid position. Youth International’s leaders have typically worked with the US Peace Corps, taught school or worked for other educational and service programs in Asia, Africa, or South America. They tend to recruit leaders in the summer for their Autumn programs running from September to December in Asia (Thailand, India and Nepal) and for their South America program through Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador.

The Bolivian Express is an English language magazine set up by Bolivian graduates in collaboration with students around the world. They offer one to three month training programmes geared towards print journalism or TV production. The programme fee covers 40 hours of tuition per month (covering Spanish, journalism, and photography), as well as accommodation in La Paz, lunch, internet access, phone, airport pickup, pre-trip guidance and a press pass during your stay. As part of the learning experience you will intern within the organisation to produce a monthly magazine which is distributed for free across Bolivia.

Meeting the needs of Nigerian and International students living in Abuja who desire a British education, FAMAKS International School often recruits experienced, innovative and qualified School teachers.

Venture Abroad designs its tours specifically for members of The Scout Association, Girlguiding UK and The Trefoil Guild. They regularly employ tour couriers on an ad hoc temporary basis.

Resident advisor is among the positions Abbey Road Programs need filling for their summer language immersion and pre-college programmes in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the US for high school students. Airfare from JFK Airport, accommodation and a weekly allowance for meals and incidentals is provided.

The Hunter Valley grape harvest is one of Australia’s latest, usually scheduled to begin in late March and run to late April. Ever since James Busby, the father of Australian wine, planted some of the first vines in 1825 most Hunter wine has been drunk in Sydney, less than a hundred miles away.

Childcarers can earn up to €700 per week looking after the children of summer holidaymakers in Corfu, Mykonos, Kefalonia, Crete, Santorini and Rhodes. Kids in Greece look for qualified nannies, nursery nurses or primary school teachers, or those with at least two years’ experience with babies and children.

Potential employees of Yelloh Village will need to be able to read French to apply for vacancies on their campsites in France, Spain and Portugal.

Sometimes we are very lucky and find there is a job for one or more of our readers at the place we staying. This is the case with At Home Sukothai, in Thailand. The owner sometimes needs someone to work in the garden and reception area for a period of up to two months. Food, bed and a bike are provided in return.

Answer questions and earn a bit of cash as a travel advisor.

A CEO is G Adventures’ equivalent of tour leader. CEOs are hired to live and work abroad on 18 month contracts, though they tend often to be nationals of the country or have a strong connection to the country in which they will work.

Activity Centres in France that actively recruit English speaking staff include Chateau Beaumont, and Club Correze, whose astonishingly poor website is best bypassed in favour of the profile listed on recruitment sites such as Anywork Anywhere. Two other great sites to use to look for similar work are Outdoor Staff and Best Adventure Jobs.

The Federation of British International Schools in Asia (FOBISA) has 48 member schools throughout Asia. Teaching positions are advertised here.

Successful online applicants to Olympic holidays are invited to be a part of their dedicated overseas teams based in Greece, Cyprus or Turkey. For representatives and transfer representatives, some positions are available for shorter periods of between three to four months making them ideal for university students.

Camp Counsellors fluent in both English and French may find work in Quebec with Camp Wilvaken.

For activity centre jobs in Ireland, and the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised qualification (NVQ) in a new industry, try County Mayo’s Horizon Education Centres.

SLV, who are active solely in Sri Lanka, recruit their volunteer supervisors from the ranks of their past volunteers. SLV take care of their supervisors’ placement fees and provide a weekly transport and food budget. Coordinator roles are also offered in exchange for a reduction in the normal fees payable by volunteers.

Recruitment of catering professionals for Regent Seven Seas Cruises is handled by the Apollo Group.

Register with CozWine for work in Australia’s wine regions.

RYA dinghy and senior dinghy instructors are often required for Regatta Sailing Academy, a busy sailing academy in Doha, Qatar.

Along with cycling holidays Headwater provide guided walking holidays and canoeing holidays in rural, undiscovered areas of Europe and the Med. Their overseas reps must be prepared to be on call 24 hours a day and willing to tackle any emergency. Bspoke also take on cycling and walking holiday representatives and mechanic, who would like to spend an enjoyable and rewarding summer working in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France or Croatia. Applicants should speak reasonable German, French or Italian and have a clean driving licence.

To work at one of Rock UK‘s outdoor adventure centres successful applicants should be practising Christians. They also recruit overseas volunteers from both EU countries and non-EU countries, aged 18 to 28, and available for nine months.

Reviews from teachers working for the EF English First Swara Group's ten schools in and around Jakarta are mixed, but that’s not uncommon for most English schools out east. Here’s a list of more English schools in Indonesia.

Cruise ship passengers like to stay connected to the world as much as anyone. MTN Satellite Communications hire onboard internet café managers for Regent Seven Seas Cruises. You should be able to perform minor trouble shooting on PC/wireless networks, have a proficiency in PC software applications, strong computer knowledge including wireless internet experience/basic networking and fluent in English.

Brathay Exploration Trust didn’t have any vacancies when we looked but do have a current vacancies page for when they do.

All of Riviera Travel’s holidays are managed by their tour managers, many of whom have been with them for over a decade.

With over 170,000 employees in 100 professions around the world, Accor, a hotel and corporate service group, is a good place to begin a hospitality career.

Some images courtesy Jasmine Arnold and other FrontierOfficial photographers, TikTik, and Camp Pinewood.