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The Really Really Big Page of Ways to Get Paid to Travel or Save Money as a Volunteer

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So you want to work abroad and get paid to travel the world, but don’t know what to do? Well it’s a big world so we have put together a big article to match the sheer number of diverse things you could find yourself doing to make a euro in Eindhoven or save one in Elche.

Read on for hundreds more ideas for getting paid to travel or save money as a volunteer

A smart title for an unsophisticated chore of a job, the plongeur essentially does the washing up. Foreign languages are generally unnecessary - if you could speak French you wouldn't have fallen for the fancy job title, would you? YSE hire four plongeurs in Val d’Isère, combining the role with chauffeuring their guests around the French ski resort.

Guests flocked to Six Flags Over Texas when the park opened in 1961. They have since grown to 15 parks in North America, employing nearly 35,000 people on their rides, restaurants, entertainments, animal attractions, accommodation and stores. A dedicated careers site handles their recruitment.

Though not as organised as its American equivalent workamping, working for wages or a pitch is the done thing on campsites in Europe too. None of the following campsites in France mention it on their websites but we have seen each one advertising for volunteers to work for a few hours a day in the summer months in exchange for a pitch, electricity, and perhaps a few other perks: Camping de Montréal, Camping de la Bastide, Camping La Vallée des Vignes, Letang Bleu, Fonclaire, and Camping Pors Peron. Chateau de Lacomte Country Club, a four star adult only touring park in the Dordogne, may also have a few paid jobs for beauty therapists. More campsites in Europe can be found via

Short contracts are available throughout the year on mini cruises to Spain for ballroom couples. See Boogie Management for more information.

Ibiza Spotlight has been providing information about the island since 1976 and since 1999 online. They are always looking for ambitious and skilled employees who are dedicated to Ibiza and interested in supporting the island, including from budding or junior writers, programmers and sales representatives.

Pueblo Ingles is well known to working travellers for using English speaking volunteers to help create a fully English speaking environment in Spain. Paired up with Spanish students all the volunteers have to do is wander the streets of the village, eat three course meals and enjoy a few glasses of wine, all the time creating an immersive experience for their partner by talking in English the whole time.

Snow loving wait staff, chefs, receptionists, breakfast hosts and bar tenders can each find a place in Switzerland’s Ski Lodge Engelberg. Most positions require German and English. Hotel Hoheneck may also have some vacancies.

Yacht jobs can be found with MedSailors and Sunsail, the last of which is part of the TUI Group. Their flotillas operate in Greece, Turkey, Croatia, St Vincent, the Bahamas and the British Virgin Islands.

A big hitter in the gap year industry is Projects Abroad. Sending over 10,000 volunteers to 27 developing countries each year they recruit year round for volunteer coordinators to join their overseas teams. They provide board and lodging, flights and work related expenses, along with a local salary.

Don’t ignore the Pyrenees when looking for work in a European ski resort. Transitions Abroad has some information on working in Andorra.

Each spring, summer and autumn Maine’s Wolfe’s Neck Farm hire seasonal educators, from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences, including the natural sciences, agriculture, humanities, and education to deliver authentic and engaging farm-based education experiences to children ages four to 14.

Ocean Images aims to offer cruise lines the finest photographic services available. Photographers that are available for an eight month continuous contract are paid a commission and should have a sound understanding of DSLR photographic techniques and a basic knowledge of studio photography. Previous experience in sales and customer service and a smart appearance, free from visible tattoos and piercings are other requirements. Video operators are hired too.

The Edinburgh International Festival adds to its staff in the run up and over the course of the festival itself. Positions are mainly in the technical department, artist liaison, press office and ticketing services. As they become available, vacancies are advertised here.

The E3 Group get one of their team to write about what they get up to as an entertainer in Mallorca.

South of France’s Campsite La Romiguière has advertised with us in the past for interns/trainees, aged around 19, to help and participate with campsite activities including bar, restaurant and animations. There’s a completion bonus paid of a few hundred Euros, along with food and accommodation.

From selling soft toys to dressing up as the face of the company, Disney can help pay the bills racked up on a year out. The mighty mouse is prevalent on the high seas, in Europe, America and elsewhere.

The failed attempt to sell a field of pumpkins by an unconventional UK farmer led to the Shocktober Fest each Halloween, just one of the scary work options in the UK at this time of year.

The four to six week long harvest in Mildura supplies 80 per cent of Victoria’s grape production.12,000 workers are needed during this time to bring in the crops while other harvests, particularly citrus and vegetables also attract fruit picking labour the rest of the year. Many farmers in the area can be relied on to provide accommodation to workers.

Mature couples can get in on the act of working abroad. If you are free from May to September, active, fit, and enjoy an outdoor life enquire with KelAir Campotel about their courier roles for their campsites in France.

Fueteventura, one of Spain’s Canary Islands, is a popular surf spot. One company to approach for work is Flag Beach, who hires kite, windsurf and surf instructors, along with linguistically skilled (Spanish, German, Italian or French plus English) assistant managers. They also take on beach hands. Experience is an advantage but not necessary. We have also seen the nearby Surfers Island, a German company, advertising for kitesurfing instructors and catamaran hosts. More wassersport arbeiten for German speakers can be had by joining the Freshsurf team.

In2Action recruit over 300 seasonal staff each year to work on European campsites, overseas hotels, UK holiday parks and boarding schools. Positions include activity couriers, skateboard instructors and daytime entertainers.

SOAR is a boarding school, camp, and gap year programme providing experiential education, life skills development and adventure to those diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders and/or learning disabilities. Trip leaders and activity specialists can find work with them in Wyoming and North Carolina.

The Moorings, TUI’s marine brand in the USA, may have some crew positions on their luxury crewed yachts.

Fees and pocket money varies among organisations placing counsellors with summer camps in the USA but the following details from an advert placed in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin by Stars N Stripes Summer Camp Staffing will give an idea of what to expect:
– Up to $2100.00 in camp wages (up to $1000.00 more than other camp staffing company)
– Application fees of only 165GBP (less than any other camp company)
– UK support staff on hand in America all summer to help you out
– All food and accommodation included while at camp
– Up to a month to travel around the USA when done at camp
– Constant support and assistance from knowledgeable staff during the application process.

Get Paid to Travel


Around 25 people from other EU countries supplement the local labour force picking strawberries and peas in Denmark. Work starts in June for five to eight weeks. A tent and camping equipment is needed and payment is according to the amount of fruit picked. As a bonus, here is The Definitive Guide to Strawberry Picking in Scandinavia.

Butchers and bakers, but not candlestick makers, can ply their trades on the ocean with Celebrity Cruises, a Miami based cruiseline operating around Europe, the Pacific, Alaska and the Caribbean.

Crete’s Anastasia Hotel is just one of the many hotels on the island that provides entertainment to its guests. Their animators keep the kids amused for four hours a day and adults for another three, with Sundays off. Experience in animation for children or working in children’s club in Hotels before is appreciated, as is experience in easy evening games like bingo, quizzes and karaoke. Here’s another 24 hotels on the island that provide entertainment.

Want to experience Thailand but want it wetter? Then visit in the middle of April and plunge into the biggest water fight in the world as Thailand and neighbouring countries celebrate their New Year. Alternatively head off to Siam Park, a Thai themed waterpark on Tenerife. The recruitment page is blank on the English language site but as speaking Spanish will help any application anyway, pop along to the Spanish language version for the relevant information. Similarly, though EU nationals have as much right to work there, the jobs page for Tripsdrill, Germany’s oldest theme park, opened in 1929, will only be of use to those that can speak and read German. Ditto Austria’s Area 47.

This German bed and breakfast in Karlsruhe welcomes those that work and travel to join their team for a few months in return for room, food, German lessons and a small wage.

For a trip leader job in India or Latin America contact LeapNow.

The Seattle based Sailing Heritage Foundation donates thousands of trips to seriously ill children, cancer patients and at-risk families. These cruises are operated by volunteer captains and volunteer crew. Other worthy sailing in Washington State can be had with the Kitsap Maritime Heritage Foundation and Sound Experience. In the other Washington, DC Sail take on volunteer sailing instructors.

Qualified yacht skippers are recruited by the Florida based adventure sailing company, Actionquest. They operate in around a dozen locations around the world, including the Med, Australia and the British Virgin Islands. They also hire PADI certified scuba instructors whose job description includes helping with the cooking, cleaning and sailing. Most of their staff are US citizens, though a wide range of nationalities are represented every year. Fewer opportunities exist for support staff but a few roles may be available to those with significant sailing experience. Elsewhere in the Caribbean Broadreach recruit skippers to leading ten to 12 students through all aspects of life aboard a sailboat.

Numerous smaller cruise lines ply the sea lanes, usually focusing on a specific region or a niche market. Azamara Club Cruises, for instance, sells the idea that its two smaller ships are able to discover the hidden corners of the world that larger cruise ships cannot reach. Silversea has a similar ethos but their larger fleet is staffed by 1600 shipboard employees. The Galapogas Islands, Alaska Inside Passage, Mexico, Hawaii, Columbia River and the Pacific Northwest are the destinations of Un-Cruise Adventures, who concentrate on wilderness, wildlife, and exploration; or history, tours, and wine. Onboard jobs are seasonal with work rotations of approximately six weeks on, two weeks off.

For over 40 years NatureBridge has provided residential environmental education programmes in multiple national parks and recreation areas in the US. They might have some seasonal positions environmental science educators, interns and support staff, such as kitchen assistants.

A typical Adventure Treks programme has 6 instructors leading 24 students in activities including backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, whitewater rafting and kayaking, canoeing, sea kayaking, mountain biking, ice climbing, ziplining, and caving. They operate in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, North Carolina, and Alaska, as well as over the border in British Colombia. To find similar vacancies with other companies go through the listings at Backdoor Jobs and Coolworks.

Since Collett’s, a small independent mountain walking holiday specialist, started in 1998 they have employed an artist in their resort to offer informal watercolour tuition to their guests. There is more to the role than painting though, as you will be helping with the domestic chores that are required to keep their properties running efficiently, such as cleaning, tending to window boxes and buying wine.

Founded in 2006 by Marco Kasel, a drummer and musical director, Oceanbound Entertainments takes on orchestra musicians, cover bands, solo pianists, solo guitarists, one-man bands, Caribbean bands and classical string ensembles, as well as jugglers, magicians, singers, instrumentalists and comedians, for work on cruise ships. More options can be had from Lime Entertainment, Karen Maybury Creative Connections, and Belinda King Creative Productions.

Hostel Jobs, Hostel Management, and The Hostel Worker all put their particular slant on the hostel business and how to get a job in it. Of the three Hostel Jobs is almost solely made up of jobs available and jobs wanted in hostels. A smattering of other travel jobs are listed here too. Hostel Management also uses a forum format to list employment and work exchange opportunities, but there is so much more here for those catering to the needs of backpackers. The Hostel Worker, which began as a Facebook page, has more the style of a travel blog, as befits a site run by a long term traveller turned chronic hostel worker.

Camp Adventure also runs camps in Germany, Austria and Ireland. They pay a small remuneration, along with board and accommodation, to their cooks and counsellors. Teachers and university students living or staying in Budapest are invited to apply to work at Funside‘s camps in Budapest and beside Lake Balaton.

Helping Hands employ carers from over 50 countries for their clients in England and Wales. Living in the client’s home you’ll be there to offer help with personal care, often help with mobility, and keep up with household chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry and shopping.

OnboardOnline provides insights and advice for getting into the yachting industry worldwide, accompanied by a useful jobs board. Other recruitment websites for yachts and superyachts include Dockwalk, and New vacancies are added every day to Yotspot.

Arco Largo mediates training placements in the sports, leisure and tourism industries in The Algarve, though participants are required to pay a sliding scale fee.

Working in Australia or New Zealand on a Tourist Visa usually involves keeping one step ahead of the increasingly active men and women from the immigration department. One way to avoid all that trouble and of keeping a big black stain off of your passport (if caught) is to work for your keep on a farm.

Happy Charter has a list of crewed yachts for hire around the world. The site is aimed at consumers but sailors can easily adapt it to a job search tool. Another site that could be used for leads is Yachtico.

Blue Ventures, a marine conservation organisation, list their staffing needs here.

We once spotted Kima Bali Safaris looking to recruit a female surf guide - with two seasons’ experience and a surf teacher licence - to balance the penis heavy dynamic of their current staff.  Another company we spotted at the same time preferring a staff member with lady parts was Nomad Surf Resorts. That position was in Portugal but the company also has resorts in Spain and Indonesia and a recruitment page expressing an interest in other staff, including bar tenders, boat captains, au pairs, chefs, massage therapists and yoga instructors. Wave Sisters also prefer females to staff their yoga and surf camps for girls in Portugal, Spain and France. Another surf camp for girls in Portugal is Chicks on Waves.

Don’t discount smaller vessels when looking for cruise jobs on commercial boats. Rum Jungle is a luxury motor yacht based in London that sometimes requires experienced stewards and stewardesses for tours around the south coast of England and northern Europe.

The extra luxury concerned with glamping can add additional services than might be expected in traditional camping. We have seen Tipi Algarve, to give one example, advertising for volunteer yoga and massage therapists. Free food and accommodation along with a percentage split on therapies was offered in return. Run a few of the listings on through a search engine to locate more potential employers.

UK registered international youth development charity Latitude organise overseas volunteering placements from three to 12 months in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Pacific, North America and Europe for young people aged 17 to 25. They state they are always looking for volunteers to help with a wide number of activities, both in the UK and abroad.

The largest wine producing area in New South Wales (and second in Australia), the alluvial soils surrounding the cities of Wagga Wagga, Griffith and Albury have helped many working travellers top up their travel funds in Riverina.

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