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The information provided on our sites is © PAYAway Media 1999 to the present. You may reproduce sections of our sites for personal use only. Commercial use, use by business or other organisations is prohibited without permission.

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Any information sent to us will almost certainly be lost, accidently deleted or otherwise mislaid. There is no way we will ever have the competence to sell or loan your information to a third party, and if by some miracle we ever did get our acts together we would not do so because we loath people that do that.


We don't have the skills to add cookies to our sites but some of the third party services we use almost certainly do. If you use our websites the EU says that you need to be fine with that.


While every effort has been taken to ensure information presented is accurate and up to date, we accept no responsibility for loss, damage or other nasty things resulting from this information. Opinions expressed in articles from contributors may not be those of the publisher. We remind our readers that there are many scams on the internet aimed at people looking for work and opportunities abroad and recommend reading our Warnings, Safety and Spotting Scams page.


Most images are taken by the authors and copyright PAYAway Media. Other images are used from various sources, the owners of which hold the appropriate rights or have made available under the creative commons license. Credit is usually given on the same page an image is used, but thanks are also due to rileyroxx, The Ridge Resorts, Luke Ma, FrontierOfficial, victoria, Piervincenzo Madeo, sgbirch, Adrià García, Douglas Woods, and sebaso. A photo used to illustrate teaching English is reproduced with the permission of Jonny Blair. His Backpacking in China site has guides to teaching English in both China and Hong Kong. Other images used on our home page have been used and credited elsewhere on our sites. If we have neglected to give credit where it is due, please accept our apologies and get in touch with us and we will be happy to rectify any omissions.

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Our sites get on the web thanks to and are edited using Dreamweaver or Wordpress. Templates, stylesheets and themes have kindly been provided in the past or currently by, Arcin, and CodexCoder. Mailer Mailer sent out our 60,000+ mailing list efficiently and affordably for many years.

Bravenet provides us with hosted forms on our websites while on the Wordpress platform we use the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin. Aksimet keeps us mostly spam free. Other plugins we do or have used include cbnet Different Posts Per Page, HeadSpace2, Post Teaser, StatPress, Subscribe Remind, TweetMeMe Retweet Button, Subscribe to Comments, Popular Posts, WordPress Database Backup, WP-PageNavi, WP-Stats-Dashboard, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, FD Feedburner Plugin, No Self Pings & RSS Footer.