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DClick CPC Advertising

We call DClick our Adsense with a twist. DClick is a combination of cost per click (CPC) and display advertising. DClick can put all our sites at your disposal through a mixture of text and graphic advertising options to do whatever it takes to get you your purchased number of clicks.  

Should you not get enough clickthroughs to your preferred landing page(s) then we will turn your CPC advertising into display advertising and keep your adverts on our sites as long as it takes to do so. Alternatively, if you reach your purchased number of clicks before your advertising duration expires then the rest of the year is free.

How does it work?

DClick begins with a basic listing in the Overseas Job Centre part of our sites but we will also ask you for larger photos and banner advertising that we can use to display your message more prominently

All our readers are here looking for work abroad, to volunteer, or find information on taking a gap year or career break, so every visitor sent to you is already fully engaged in the vacancies or services you offer. 

Every month we will review your stats and if your listing in our Overseas Job Centre is not performing as well as we would like we will increase the projection of your message or brand. Options we will employ include free upgrades to the premium advertising services we provide in the Jobs Abroad Bulletin, editorials in our blog, elevating your advert to a selected program displayed on our main pages, and prominent graphic advertising on our pages most relevant to your brand.

  • DClick begins with a basic listing in the Overseas Job Centre part of our sites. We also display selected jobs and programmes on the home page of the Overseas Job Centre. This is a very effective way to send visitors straight to you.

  • We will ask for bigger photos that we can use to display your listing more prominently. 

  • Banner space can be made available on most of our sites. Our normal rate for banner ads when sold separately is GB£100 per month.

  • The Jobs Abroad Bulletin is our most popular site and advertisers purchasing premium job space receive four times as many visitors than using our free service. DClick advertiers get our premium services at no extra cost.

  • We can also enlist our Sliders or the prominent Hello Bar into your service. Sliders are usually sold for GB£100 per month. More examples of our advertising options that could be put at your disposal, across all our sites, can be found here.

Each DClick lisiting is available for £500 (less than £10 a week). In return we will send a minimum 1000 visitors to your website and display your advertising on our sites for a minimum of one year.


For more information or to ask us a few questions: please contact Deirdre Higgins at payawaymedia@gmail.com

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