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Books and Ebooks on Working & Living Abroad

We are working on a couple of our own ebooks at the moment, but we wouldn't like to guess when they will be ready. Until then (and after too) we are happy to recommend the following excellent guides:


Work on a Cruise Ship

Work on a Cruise ShipEbook

Every single crew member on every single cruise ship around the world uses the term 'ship life' to describe the unique and unbelievably rewarding lifestyle involved with working and living on board cruise ships. Derek Baron (aka Wandering Earl) and Liz Aceves worked 10 different cruise ships and travelled to 6 continents while earning more money than they ever thought possible at that point in their lives.

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How to Teach English in Vietnam

Teach English in VietnamEbook

So, you want to teach in Vietnam? Then you’re in for one hell of an adventure. Amy Blyth and husband Andrew spent a year teaching in Hanoi and it was one of the most incredible, crazy periods of their lives. To answer the many queries they receive on how to move to Vietnam to teach, including how to find a job, what you can expect to earn, where to get a visa and how to find an apartment, they created this ebook.

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Work Your Way Around the World

Work Your Way Around the WorldPaperback

You want to travel around the world. But how can you afford such a trip? Work Your Way Around the World is the trusted guide for the self-funded world traveller, now in its 17th edition and fully updated to explain how you can fund your trip by finding temporary work opportunities abroad – both in advance and on the spot while travelling around the world. Work-for-keep arrangements on a New Zealand farm or Costa Rican eco-lodge will mean that you have to save far less than if you booked a long-haul package holiday to those destinations.

"Guaranteed to give you wanderlust" The Sunday Telegraph

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