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Guest Writing

We always welcome different voices onto our websites. All of our guest writing opportunies revolve around our magazine section, The Working Traveller, where along with first hand articles about working abroad we have a number of specific columns that can only thrive with your help.

We do not offer payment but if you have your own blog or website we will be happy to link to it from your bio.

Writers and agencies looking to place links to third party organisations within the text of a guest post should contact Deirdre Higgins at to discuss our advertising options.

General Articles About Working Abroad

If you have worked abroad we would like to hear about it, whether it's the daily routine of a ski bum or living the high life serving drinks on a superyacht. We are most keen to read first hand experiences - good or bad - of the types of work we cover on our sites. A good article should include details such as who you worked for, wages, accommodation, the price of a beer etc, but don't get too lost in facts and figures.

For more information please see our guidelines for guest posts.


We have a number of interview features on The Working Traveller looking at long term travel and living abroad. Interviews are typically conducted by email.

If you are about to head off on an extended bout of travelling we would like to hear about it.

This feature is aimed at those already on the road and seeks to examine how the realities of long term travel match up to the expectations.

We ask those working abroad about their job.

Why I Live in...
Whether it is long or short term we look at the life of expats.

Photo Features

Submitting a photo is a quick way to be featured in The Working Traveller. We have two features that may interest photographers of any standard. Photos should be 490 pixels width.

My Bad Travel Photo
Taken a shocker? Then send it to us with a description of a 100 words or so.

Story Behind the Photo
Send us a photo and a short story about it. It's as simple as that.

Other Features

iPhone Home
We're increasingly plugged in to the world and connected with home when we travel. Send us a screenshot or photo of the home page of your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or any other kind of smart phone, plus some words about the apps you use and how they help you travel.

If you are interested in writing for us or answering some questions for an interview feature please contact Shane Donovan at