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Guidelines for Guest Posts

Thank you for your interest in advertising in The Working Traveller. While we are happy to accept some advertorials we are only able to do so under the following circumstances:  

- Content not written in house will be labelled as a guest post or introduced with the guest author's name. 

- Content should be on the subject of working, volunteering or travelling abroad.

- We will always declare to our readers when we have been paid to publish a post. Our readers know this is our job so we can be subtle or even cheeky about it but one way or another a disclaimer must be made, We can use various methods including linking to our Links and Advertising Policy, adding a message that a link in the post helped us to eat/pay bills/fund our travels this week or making the declaration part of the content. This last option is usually only available when the post is written inhouse.

- Our advertorial rates are per year. On expiry either the guest post itself or your link will be removed.

Please note our advertorial option is restricted to The Working Traveller part of our sites.

For more information on any aspect of advertising with us, please contact Deirdre Higgins


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